Safe Clubs 4 Kids videos

The WA Sports Federation produced the Safe Clubs 4 Kids videos in partnership with Channel 7 Perth to promote the message that creating a child safe environment is something we can all do.

These videos allow engagement with regional, remote and metropolitan sport and recreation organisations to highlight a few simple steps that may assist in creating a positive, fun and safe club environment for all young people. 

The videos can be viewed both individually or in a sequence, depending on the relevance to you and your club.

The videos, produced in October 2016, were designed to assist clubs to get the conversations started to work towards safeguarding the thousands of children and young people involved in sport and recreation across Western Australia.

1. Safe Clubs 4 Kids: Why you should think about it

The “Why you should think about it” video is about raising the awareness of child safeguarding in sport and in general. It highlights that many great memories and friendships are created as children participating in a club but also the reality of child abuse.

2. Safe Clubs 4 Kids: Get on the front foot

The “Get on the front foot” video highlights that it takes a few simple steps to create safe environments for children and young people. The video details the “Safe Clubs 4 Kids – 4 considerations”, which enable clubs to adopt a proactive approach to creating a safe environment.

3. Safe Clubs 4 Kids: Get the right people

The “Get the right people” video focuses on the stages of screening of those in child related work and those in positions of responsibility. Ensuring you are getting the right people will encourage a safe and positive experience for all. The video highlights that organisations should not solely rely on a Working with Children check and points out the other important screening strategies.

4. Safe Clubs 4 Kids: The screen test

“The screen test” video features representatives from the Working with Children Screening Unit as they talk about some of the legislation relevant to the sport and recreation industry, including exemptions, the different criminal record checks  and the benefits of using these for clubs.

5. Safe Clubs 4 Kids: The gut feel

“The gut feel” video is about what to do if a person suspects or has been informed that a child is being abused. The video highlights the message that people don’t need to be a child protection expert and should contact the relevant organisations. In this video, a representative from the Department of Communities Child Protection and Family Support talks about how to respond to a child who discloses they have been abused.

6. Safe Clubs 4 Kids: Have a chat

The “Have a chat” video highlights the importance of having regular constructive conversations about child safety within a club. It also points out what parents, caregivers and schools may be teaching young people to assist them to feel safe and confident about asking for help.

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If the content of any of this videos have caused you or someone you know any distress, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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