Blue and white logo with text Safe Clubs 4 KidsCreating a safe environment

Safe Clubs 4 Kids – four considerations

1. Make your rules clear

Create, promote and follow appropriate policies, procedures and guidelines.

  • Ensure policies, procedures and guidelines are clear, followed and easily accessible by all.
  • Have clear processes for responding to harassment, discrimination, bullying and abuse.

2. Get the right people

Follow a screening procedure to recruit the right people.

  • Stage 1. Recruitment and selection
  • Stage 2. Reference checks
  • Stage 3. Criminal record checks, including Working with Children Checks
  • Stage 4. Respond to any person with a criminal record check and/or feedback of broader concern
  • Stage 5. Appointment and induction
  • Stage 6. Provide ongoing support, training and supervision.

3. Involve children and young people

Create a culture where everyone can talk and act together.

  • Have an open culture where all members know how and where to give feedback, raise concerns and feel confident the club will respond.
  • Talk to children and young people about their right to feel safe and what they think will make a great club.
  • Regularly promote that the club prioritises the safety of children and young people.

4. Learn and respond

Have an understanding of children’s needs and appropriate responses to any concerns, including reporting.

  • Support members to feel confident in their understanding of child abuse, know where to raise concerns and respond to any disclosures, allegations or suspicions of child abuse.
  • Identify and advertise the person in your club who can be contacted by those wanting to raise an issue or concern.

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