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The Department continually monitors the latest trends in sport and recreation, so we can deliver the best advice to the organisations we service.

The Department:

  • has access to a world of research and conducts its own research into topics of interest; and
  • develops policies and position statements on current issues impacting the sector.

Research papers

Brain Boost

Brain Boost cover

How sport and physical activity enhance children’s learning what the research is telling us.

Activities such as running, swimming, kicking a footy or playing netball can all help your kids do better at school.

We know this because a lot of researchers in Australia and around the world have been investigating the links between sport, physical activity and academic achievement. Here at the Department of Sport and Recreation, we’ve done our homework checked it twice and know their findings add up: being active in the playground and on the playing field helps kids perform better in the classroom.

The majority of research points to more physically active children being smarter, because exercise has biological, psychological and social benefits.

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Centre for Sport and Recreation Research and Curtin University logoThe Department and Curtin University of Technology jointly established Centre for Sport and Recreation Research. Based at the University's Bentley campus, the centre is believed to be the first in Australia.

Topics researched include:

More than winning – the real value of sport and recreation in Western Australia

Sport helps to build communities through social inclusion and a sense of connection. Sport and recreation helps to bind families through shared experiences and shared achievements. Through participation, sport helps address anti-social behaviour and can support education.

More information on the real value of sport and recreation.

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