Workforce Development Planning System Project

In partnership with the JGC Group over 2 years, the Department will have engaged 46 State Sporting Associations (SSAs) to undertake the Workforce Development Planning process, including the development of a workforce Development Plan by June 2015.

For SSAs participating in the Workforce Development Planning Process a broad framework has been developed which covers the following 5 key pillars:

  1. Build workforce capacity by ensuring the ongoing identification of skills needed in State-wide sport and recreation organisations.
  2. Provide a better understanding of the roles and skills that will maximise delivery of sport with limited resources.
  3. Provide information and opportunities for paid employees and volunteers to access relevant training and professional development.
  4. Support state-wide sport and recreation organisations with attraction, retention and development activities.
  5. Provide advice on key learnings from working with the pilot organisations to share with industry.


The Workforce Development Planning System project has shown us that:

  • Direct, ongoing engagement with key SSA personnel has had a positive impact.
  • Leaders showed a preference towards realistic, workable plans addressing short to medium term needs while providing a framework to address future workforce needs.
  • A strong understanding of the strategic direction essential to guide workforce planning process.


Of the SSAs that have participated in the Workforce Development Planning project, the following outcomes were achieved:

  • All have workforce development plans in place.
  • Identification of key actions or strategies being implemented resulting from the planning process.
  • Reviews and or re-alignment of current staff responsibilities currently under way.
  • Strong emphasis on strategies for improving volunteer management.