Human Resources Development Project

The Human Resource Development Project aims to provide significant support to sport and recreation organisations in key strategic challenge areas including:

  • Learning and workforce development within the sport and recreation industry.
  • Professional development of the workforce.
  • Providing information, tools and resources designed to attract and retain people within the industry.

The project will aim to achieve a holistic human resource approach towards people development and capacity building for the sport and recreation industry through delivering on the following five components:

Remuneration and benefits review

Bench-marking of marketplace information regarding salary and benefits within sport and recreation industry.

Professional governance development

Tailored program of learning and development targeting those in governance roles.

Human resources tool kit

Tailored human resources guidelines, policies and templates for use by sport and recreation organisations.

Professional development

Provision of workshops and development opportunities for industry.

State Sporting Associations Learning and Workforce Development Project

Apex Human Resources Consultancy was engaged by Future Now with the Department and the Western Australian Sports Federation to undertake the survey in 2010.

Please contact Aaron Morse to request a copy of the 2010 report/presentation.

In 2015 the Department replicated the survey and the report will be available soon.

Recreation learning and workforce development

Identify the recreation industry learning and workforce development needs and priorities in Western Australia.