Human resources for sport and recreation

Human resource management is the management of people, focusing on policies and systems, with the aim of maximising staff and volunteer performance. It is important and plays a vital role in the management of paid and volunteer staff.

The Department helped to establish, and supports, the Human Resources Industry Advisory Group (HRIAG), which provides advice to the industry in the development of paid and unpaid people.

The HRIAG provides a forum to share information and act as advisors to sport and recreation on developing strategies and initiatives which support increasing the industry’s people capabilities.

There are currently eleven members of HRIAG who bring extensive experience in people development and the sport and recreation industry to the table.

The Department is committed in helping State Sporting Association and Peak Industry Bodies manage and support people within their organisations. This is demonstrated in our human resource projects.

Workplace health and safety

Changes will come into effect as a result of the national model Workplace Health and Safety Act (WHS) and it's likely that new WA laws will be in place later in 2013. As a result, sports are being urged to consider their duties under the act and how this will affect their organisations, their people and others.

The Australian Sports Commission has developed some resources for work health and safety reform to help sports plan and prepare for what they need to do to comply. You can also get general information from Safe Work Australia.

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