Community programs and initiatives

The Department advocates, supports and encourages sport and recreation programs and special initiatives throughout Western Australia. These not only address participation gaps and social issues, but ultimately help contribute to building stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities.

Why sport and recreation helps shape a better society

Current participation programs and initiatives

The Department has a number of community programs that encompass all areas of our work, but have a particular focus on increasing participation in sport and active recreation.

Working closely with other government agencies, non-profits and the private sector, the Department identifies and facilitates these programs to address both immediate public policy and social challenges, as well as broader, long-term problems.

Community engagement evidence gathering and continual monitoring of trends and innovations around the world ensures that the Department is at the forefront of delivering innovative programs, as well as identifying new and emerging opportunities to engage people in sport and active recreation. When combined with ongoing evaluation during all phases of program delivery, we are confident that these programs are addressing real needs within the community.



Youth Engagement Scheme



Your Move

Communicare Get Active Project (GAP)


Community Participation Fund (CPF)

Kaat Koort n Hoops

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