Community inclusion

Being inclusive means welcoming everyone, regardless of age, gender, race and ability.

The department uses a community development approach to ensure all community members have an equal opportunity to take part in sport and active recreation. This approach means the community's needs, goals and aspirations become the key drivers behind what they do and how they do it.

Supporting inclusion around the State

The department works to increase participation in sport and active recreation by low socio-economic communities including key low participation groups such as Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD), Aboriginal, people with disability, seniors and youth.

Our inclusion officers work with communities and sport and recreation organisations to development opportunities and identify projects which assist to develop inclusive environments and increase participation in sport and recreation.  

Inclusion officers

Inclusion officers are responsible for:

  • Working with the community to establish projects that encourage increased sport and active recreation participation.
  • Supporting organisations to develop inclusive sport and active recreation environments and to foster inclusive practices.
  • Building relationships with government, non-government agencies and service providers to create and deliver community based inclusive projects.
  • Facilitating education/training to community organisations to encourage participation in sport and recreation and inclusive practices.
  • Developing resources that promote community participation in sport and active recreation.

To find out more about what's happening in your area of the State and how you can develop and promote inclusive sport and active recreation, please contact the inclusion officer in your area.

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