Active communities

Active communities encourage people to participate in a range of physical activities and social events that support active living and community connections.

Delivering accessible, affordable and inclusive programs increases community cohesion, builds capacity and improves the overall well-being of individuals and families. These programs encourage positive changes in people’s behaviour and activate communities through the delivery of initiatives targeted at specific population groups.

Programs supported by the Department need to meet key criteria. They must:

  • be evidence-based meet local needs
  • be accessible and affordable
  • support behaviour change
  • complement existing information and service provision.

Active community members incorporate physical activity into their daily routines – cycling to work or school, walking to the bus stop, playing with the kids or catching up with friends for active fun. It also includes competing in a sport or participating in an organised activity class for pleasure and fitness.

Your Move – Get active your way

Your Move is an intensive, personalised program that focuses on providing simple information, incentives and ongoing support and motivation to encourage people to change their behaviours and become more physically active.

Visit the Your Move website for more information.
Logo - Your Move Get Active Your Way

Your Move is all about helping people to find simple ways to get active and connected by providing information and support tailored to people's lifestyle, making it easier to get active - their way.

The program targets selected local government areas across the metropolitan area and aims to increase physical activity, improve the health and well-being of targeted communities, reduce people's reliance on cars and increase use of active and public transport.

Each participating household receives a personalised welcome pack filled with information and handy items to get started on achieving their goals. To find out how it works, watch this short video from the last program - Your Move Cockburn. 

Completed Your Move programs

In 2013/14 the Your Move Cockburn project was implemented with support from the city of Cockburn, HBF, RAC and the Public Transport Authority.

Project participants throughout Cockburn were offered individualised active lifestyle coaching, personal feedback and motivation, new transport infrastructure and community services.

Some of the great results achieved include:

  • Over 10,000 households were actively engaged 
  • 96% of participants agreed to receive personalised coaching 
  • 83% set a six-month goal 61% set active transport plans 
  • 86% had part or completely achieved their goal at the end of the project.
  • 10.5 minute increase in physical activity per participant per day
  • 8% of participants moved from insufficient to sufficient levels of physical activity 
  • 5% reduction in car driver trips per participant (in total 410,000 fewer trips).

Active Living for All

Current and emerging trends in physical activity lead to the design of Active Living for All 2012-2016, a five-year strategic direction to support communities to recognise the benefits and support the promotion of, active living. A quick reference guide of the Active Living for All framework has been created and outlines key aims, objectives and strategies.
Active Living for All aims to help Western Australia become the most active state in Australia and  improve the overall health, well-being and quality of life for all individuals, families and communities.

The whole community benefits

Active people are more connected to their community and increasing physical activity levels benefits not only individuals and families, but the community as a whole. Some of the key benefits to be gained are wider than physical and mental health benefits alone and include social, environmental and economic outcomes.


Active lifestyles increase the need for services and facilities that support growth in the sport and recreation industry as well as other areas including tourism, transport and retail. This also supports a reduced need for medical intervention and demand for health services, resulting in lower health care costs.


Active transport (walking, cycling) reduces dependence on vehicles. This decreases traffic congestion, noise and carbon emissions – all of which have an impact on our environment.  


Physical activity is essential to improving physical and mental health. People who are active are happier, healthier and live longer as activity can reduce chronic disease, weight and obesity issues and also helps manage a range of other health conditions.


Active people participate more in community activities which in turn strengthens community connections, improves social capital, builds a sense of place and reduces isolation. Sport and active recreation is an important element of being social and building stronger communities through networks, volunteering and individual friendships.

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