Marketing and promotion

Marketing is a process in which individuals or groups connect with broad and/or targeted groups of people to achieve a clearly-defined outcome.

Examples of basic sports club marketing:

  • Listing your club in the Yellow Pages.
  • Placing information about membership registrations in the local newspaper or on roadside signs.
  • Offering a discount on court hire prices to induce greater use of the courts.
  • Improving club facilities.
  • Being helpful to prospective members.

All of these things help position a club to achieve set goals, which can include:

  • Attract new members and retain current members.
  • Attract sponsors.
  • Increase revenue.
  • Build community goodwill.

No matter what a club wants to achieve, it’s highly likely a marketing plan can contribute to a positive outcome.

The Department produces a free booklet which addresses all aspects of marketing and additional information on working with the media.