GOAL: Get Onboard and Lead

An initiative to see more women leaders in the sport and recreation sector.

May 2016

We’re taking action

GOAL Engage a GOAL Diversity Human Resources Consultant

Engage a GOAL diversity human resources consultant

We’re engaging an expert diversity consultant to work with sport and recreation bodies and adopt practices to encourage and attract women to leadership in a variety of positions. Simply having a policy will not create change. Organisations need to understand their recruitment and HR practices, if and how they are unconsciously biased against women and how they can change this. It’s important to support organisations in our industry to make change, not just highlight why they should.

GOAL Incentivise organisations for meeting objectives

Incentivise organisations for meeting objectives

Sport and recreation organisations in Western Australia receive funding from the State Government. As part of this funding we need to make sure these organisations clearly understand the case for diversity in leadership and governance. In the next 12 months our State Sporting Associations (SSA) will be expected to meet with the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR), understand their current position and set objectives for female leadership in their organisation. They need to be clear that in receiving public funding they have a responsibility to make progress on this.

GOAL Scholarships anf Grants Program

GOAL Scholarships and Grants Program

Many organisations, including DSR, have scholarships and programs to help people realise their leadership aspirations. The GOAL program will make sure women in our sector are supported to access all of the opportunities that exist. For example DSR currently have 25 scholarships per year available for people in the sport and recreation industry to complete Australian Institute of Company Director Courses. It is important that the GOAL program supports women who undertake these opportunities through further mentoring and linking them to leadership and governance positions within the industry.
GOAL Champion of Change

The GOAL Champions of Change

It’s important the sport and recreation industry in Western Australia recognises and recruits Champions of Change from within. Ten key individuals within the sector will be identified to promote and champion women in leadership positions.

GOAL Baseline data

GOAL baseline data

The Department will support the establishment of baseline data and evaluate the initiatives that are implemented. We need to measure success and understand what programs and initiatives contribute to success now and into the future.

GOAL Toolkit

The GOAL Toolkit

We’re developing a toolkit to help organisations and individuals kick their own GOALs. Accessible from this page, it will be packed with tips, downloadables, video and checklists available for SSAs and clubs as well as individuals

GOAL: Get Onboard and Lead

We are a sports organisation - how can we Get Onboard and Lead?

Whether you are a State Association, a club or a regional organisation, it makes good business sense to have more quality female leaders engaged in your decisions making and management.

Download this Toolkit 1 for some useful tips and hints.

Netball coach talking to players

I want to be a leader – how do I get Onboard and Lead?

There is plenty of advice and support available for girls and women who want to get involved as leaders within their sports club or organisation.

State Associations, clubs and regional organisations are being actively encouraged to recruit quality female leaders.

Take the first steps.

Download this Toolkit #2 for some useful tips and hints.

Jan Cooper with a female football player