Sport and recreation consultants

The department builds partnerships with organisations that deliver sport and recreation to achieve the mission of increasing the number of Western Australians who participate in sport and recreation.

We do so with the aim of enhancing:

  • The delivery of a variety of activities that appeal to the Western Australian community and thus provide the opportunity and context in which Western Australians are active.
  • The capacity of these organisations to provide a welcoming and safe environment in which to participate and achieve excellence for all West Australians.
  • The capacity and strength of the community in Western Australia through the vehicle of sport and recreation.  

The department has three key reasons to invest time and funds in these organisations:

  1. To foster an effective management and governance capacity to enable these organisations to deliver sport and recreation in a safe, effective and sustainable manner.
  2. To increase the capacity of these organisations to attract participants and deliver a high quality activity to more West Australians.
  3. To support these organisations to deliver a diverse social policy agenda that is important to the Government’s goals.  

Our focus is to systematically support improved governance and management within the sport and recreation sector in the belief that better governed and managed organisations will enable better outcomes to be achieved in a longer term sustainable manner.