Sports Dimensions Guide

In Australia there are currently many exciting new developments in the provision of sport and recreation facilities such as indoor aquatic play areas. There is also a demand for traditional sports playing areas and facilities.

All these facilities have the potential, with proper management and promotion, to encourage greater community participation in sport and recreation activities. The result will be a healthier, happier and more cohesive Australian community.

It is important that facilities are correctly designed and accurately marked for the enjoyment of the top competitor as well as the social participant. This publication will help to ensure that sports playing areas meet these requirements.

Each sport is introduced with a brief description as well as an illustration of dimensional requirements. These illustrations are not to scale. All dimensions are metric and in some cases are direct conversions from imperials. Dimensions are those required for official competition, however in some cases these may be varied for recreation purposes.

The appropriate state sporting associations are responsible for administering their rules for playing and the dimensions for playing areas. In some instances the rules are national and international standard. Prior to proceeding with the construction or line marking of any facility, the reader is advised to contact the relevant state sporting association to obtain the most up to date information.

Sports Dimensions Guide 6th Edition June 2016

Sports Dimensions Guide June 2016

Sports dimensions


The information in this guide is general in nature and cannot be relied upon as professional advice concerning the design of, or marking out for, sporting facilities and playing areas. No assurance is given as to the accuracy of any information contained in this guide and readers should not rely on its accuracy. Readers should obtain their own independent and professional advice in relation to their proposed sporting activity.

The State of Western Australia, the Department of Sport and Recreation and their officers and employees, and any authors or contributors to this guide are not responsible for, and disclaim all liability in connection with, any loss, damage, personal injury or death howsoever caused (including where caused by negligence) arising from the use of, or reliance on, any information, statement or image contained in this guide (including but not limited to incomplete, out-of-date, wrong, inaccurate or misleading information, statements or images).

The sporting activities depicted in this guide may be dangerous for participants, spectators, organisers and instructors and readers must make their own assessment of the suitability and safety of such activities.

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