Facility management

Together with local government, the Department contributes to the development of sport and recreation facilities in WA communities.

Of all the partnerships the Department has, one of the most important is the relationship with local government. This is where the services and programs we help provide are delivered through the provision of facilities.

The partnership is a positive example of how two tiers of government work together to provide mutually-beneficial outcomes for communities through local sports and recreational groups, helping them to develop facilities which enable as many people as possible to enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Managing facilities

A well-managed facility is pivotal to providing sport and recreational opportunities for local communities. 

Developing facilities

Whether it is a new or existing facility, developing key community infrastructure requires important steps to ensure each facility serves its community well.

Sport specific strategic facilities plans

Case studies

Facility development case studies provide great examples of developing facilities in WA.

Case studies include:

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