Be a true sport on and off the field

26 June 2018
True Sport reminds us of the true value that sport brings to our community. It’s about recognizing that the way we play together shapes the way we live together and it’s about realising that the values we learn while playing sport can be used both on and off the field.

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries recently launched the True Sport campaign and since then it has been embraced and shared by clubs and associations throughout Western Australia.

The WA Football Commission, Gymnastics WA, Netball WA and Water Polo WA have become True Sport champions and

are integrating the values into their games, training and club life.

True Sport has eight values that it believes represent the way Western Australian’s play sport and that help shape children and other participants into well-rounded members of their community.

These values are:

  • Play Fair
  • Have Fun
  • Bring Your Best
  • Give Back
  • Include All
  • Show Respect
  • Be Healthy
  • Be Safe.

Using True Sport resources, clubs and teams are encouraged to share these values with all their players and to recognise and celebrate people who show these values when they play the game or are involved in any club activities.

Clubs have started incorporating the values into their Code of Conduct and can even download a Team Declaration that all members sign at the start of the season. This helps guide the way the team plays and trains together.

True Sport is also about sharing your good news stories with the whole community. We’re always on the look out for people and clubs who are doing great things that reflect the eight values,

so make sure you share your stories on social media or send them through to the True Sport team.

We encourage everyone to become a True Sport – visit for free resources and more information or email