International Volunteer Day honours local contributions

05 December 2017
International Volunteer Day celebrations will conclude with a garden party at Government House today to honour some of the State's longest-serving volunteers.
  • Today is the United Nations' annual International Volunteer Day, with local celebrations held at Government House
  • Grants totalling $39,350 support 42 Thank a Volunteer Day events around WA.

Her Excellency the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AC, Governor of Western Australia will join Volunteering Minister Mick Murray to present awards to eight volunteers who have volunteered for one organisation for 45 years or more.

Margaret Evans, of Gledhow, and Linda Leighton, of Albany, will be recognised for their volunteer work at the Albany Light Opera and Theatre Company.

Both performers, Mrs Evans has volunteered as costume designer and director, while Mrs Leighton has volunteered for 54 years as costume designer, and in front of house and executive positions.

George Appelbee of Quinns Rocks will be honoured for serving his community as a Justice of the Peace for 54 years.

At an event at the Parmelia Hilton today, an additional 41 volunteers will be recognised for their contributions of 25 years or more as a volunteer in their communities.

International Volunteer Day events have been held across Western Australia, including 42 events supported by grants of up to $1000 from the McGowan Government.

Today's celebrations will be followed by a meeting tomorrow of the new Volunteering Community Reference Group (VCRG).

Mr Murray established the group to learn about trends and issues affecting the WA volunteering sector and hear feedback on the implementation of the WA Volunteering Strategy. Establishing the VCRG was a McGowan Government election commitment.

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Comments attributed to Volunteering Minister Mick Murray:

"I am very lucky as Minister for Volunteering to meet so many extraordinary people. The effort and time they put into supporting their communities never fails to impress me. 

"Volunteers are an invaluable resource, providing expertise, skills and hard work to support organisations and individuals to achieve their goals. Quite simply, many organisations could not exist without them.

"In WA, about 80 per cent of us volunteer our time to contribute to the running of at least one organisation, and most maintain their volunteer activity throughout their lives.

"I congratulate the recipients of today's Volunteer Service Awards and acknowledge the commitment by thousands of other Western Australians to making a difference to our community through volunteering."

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