Increasing awareness of concussion in sport

16 May 2014
Health and industry experts gather in Perth this afternoon to discuss the latest research and strategies to tackle the issue of concussion in sport.
  • Government co-hosts Concussion in Sport Symposium in Perth today
  • Education a critical first step to managing the risk to players

Health and industry experts gather in Perth this afternoon to discuss the latest research and strategies to tackle the issue of concussion in sport.

Sport and Recreation Minister Terry Waldron said the ‘days of copping a knock on the head and playing on are over’.

“We’re actively working with industry and the major sports to ensure they have the right programs and policies in place to best protect their players,” Mr Waldron said.

The Concussion in Sport Symposium, at the Western Australian Basketball Centre, has been organised by Sports Medicine Australia (WA) in partnership with the State Government through the Department of Sport and Recreation.

Keynote speakers include sports physician Dr Michael Makdissi, who works with national and international teams, as well as the Hawthorn Football Club.

The Minister encouraged coaches, administrators, players and parents to learn more about the risks.

“We’re keen for everyone to learn the five R’s of concussion - recognise, removal, referral, rest and return to play.  This is all about managing the risk,” he said.

“With the right education and risk management programs in place, this issue should not be a barrier to participation or an active lifestyle.  The health and wellbeing of players of all ages and at all levels must be the number one priority.

Sports Medicine Australia (WA) received a $35,000 grant from the State Government for the Concussion in Sport Project, which includes the symposium and the creation of resources such as changeroom posters, a pocket concussion recognition tool, policy guidelines and information for players, parents, coaches and sports administrators.

Fact file

  • The Concussion in Sport Symposium will be held this afternoon (Friday, May 16) at the WA Basketball Centre in Floreat.  Register up to 11.30am on 9285 8033.
  • More information available on the Concussion in Sport Project website



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