Place Making Workshop (PLAWA)

Imagine if you could capture data about your places that would help guide decision and measure impact. This interactive workshop will introduce you to the concept, tools and value of place measurement.

Place Making Workshop flyerAttendees will learn the theory and practice of how to use place measurement tools that will provide the foundation for evidence based planning and investment.

Sessions will include common tools, data collection and analysis and how to define measures of success. You will also learn about PlaceScore, a ground breaking place experience (PX) diagnostic, engagement, benchmarking, tracking and marketing platform that identifies what your community cares about in its neighbourhoods and town centres and how they rate their current place experience in order to identify investment priorities and track return on investment. Join Kylie Legge, founder of Place Partners and Place Score for this full day workshop and get a free invitation to the WA PLACESCORE launch and networking function that evening.