The sport and recreation industry in Western Australia comprises more than 200,000 volunteers and employees who enable more than 5,000 clubs to deliver programs at a community level.

Despite the incredible community value, not for profit organisations such as sport and recreation organisations are increasingly required to deliver maximum outputs with a minimal and often declining resource base.

Equipping local clubs with the skills, tools and knowledge to create more effective and smarter businesses is a recurring theme across a number of challenges identified in the Sport and Recreation Industry Strategic Directions: 2011-2015.

Part of the Sport 4 All Project, this initiative will deliver significant improvements in productivity for up to 5,000 local clubs, 90 associations and 200,000 volunteer administrators in this state. This investment targets the development and roll-out of innovative or cost effective-information communication technology (ICT).  

Project overview

This multi-strategy statewide package will ensure every not for profit recreation and state sporting association and their clubs will have a basic level of ICT capacity and access to expertise. Combining the most powerful tools within one of the most expansive networks, this strategy will ensure more efficient operation of community organisations in the sport and recreation marketplace.

Specifically it will deliver: 

  • Improved technology capacity to support business development and function.
  • Better use of technology to bridge the communication gap between state associations and their broad network of clubs.
  • System-wide platforms, applications and software solutions.
  • ICT training and upskilling by creating opportunities and networks to ensure state associations and clubs have access to relevant and ongoing ICT training opportunities and experts in the field.

Sporting and recreation organisations taking part in year three of the four year project have already been identified.

For more information, contact your State Sporting Association (SSA) or recreation peak body to find out how they're involved. 

State Sporting Associations and recreation peak bodies can find out more by contacting the Department of Sport and Recreation.

ClubTalk grants 

ClubTalk provides grants to SSAs and peak bodies in order to provide a strategic and sustainable approach to ICT.

Organisations that have received ClubTalk grants are more dynamic, stable, relevant and efficient through improved hardware and software, training, website upgrades, database solutions, financial management systems, membership and stakeholder management.

There have been 43 SSAs and peak bodies which have received grants, which in turn support 3,850 clubs and 410,000 members across WA.

ClubTalk workshops

The ClubTalk Technology for Clubs Program offers an exciting ICT education opportunity to grass roots metropolitan and regional sport and recreation clubs.

Presented by Sandra Morley and Nik Peran from Challenger Institute of Technology, the Technology for Clubs workshops will cover:

  • Positive use of social media to promote your club.
  • Free websites for clubs.
  • Free and low-cost software to help run your organisation, including online document management, marketing and promotion.
  • Getting the most out of the Department’s resources for clubs.

Working with SSAs and peak bodies, DSR regional offices, Club Development Officers (CDOs) and LGAs (local government authorities), the project team will ensure optimum scheduling of events to fit with a club's needs to enable as many clubs as possible to take part in this unique education program.

Technology for Clubs will be delivered in metro and regional locations across WA.

The 2015 program will consist of:

  • An initial 2-hour seminar/hands-on session.
  • Follow-up phone and email support to enable attendees to continue on with their learning in a practical way.

All education information and resources will be available for clubs to access at any time, before, during and after the program has been completed.

There is also a handy support website for these workshops.

It's also a great example of what can be done with the free club websites offered by ClubTalk!

Contact details for ClubTalk

    Crispin Roberts
    Project Officer - ClubTalk
    Telephone 08 9492 9749
    Email Crispin Roberts