Community Pools Revitalisation Program

The Community Pool Revitalisation Program (CPRP) provides funding to regional local governments to assist with the maintenance and upgrade of their centre.

Funding of up to $32,000 per aquatic centre and $10,000 per water playground per annum (that is the primary aquatic facility in a town) will be available to eligible local governments.

CPRP is funded through the Royalties for Regions Program.

Regional aquatic centres

Aquatic centres in regional towns and cities are important for recreation, learning, exercise and rehabilitation. They are an integral piece of infrastructure. Aquatic centres also facilitate swimming lessons, including in-term and vacation swimming classes, school carnivals, teaching children and adults about water safety and survival techniques. Evidence supports that in remote communities, regular visits to the aquatic centre helps reduce chronic disease and improve educational and social outcomes.


  • To provide financial assistance to regional local governments that have an aquatic centre to maintain and upgrade infrastructure, improve pool facilities (including development of new programs) and purchase new equipment.
  • To ensure that aquatic centres continue to be safe and vibrant places that encourage physical activity, a healthy lifestyle and participation in sport and recreation.


Funding rounds

There will be one funding round per year for the CPRP.

The 2016/17 round opened 25 July 2016 and closed  30 August 2016.

Applications must be submitted online by 11.59pm on the advertised closing date.

Successful applicants must acquit their grants by 1 June in the financial year of offer.

Eligibility criteria

 Applications can be submitted by regional local governments that:

  • own or manage a public swimming pool and meet the operating and/or maintenance cost of the facility;
  • own or manage a public water playground that is the primary aquatic facility in a town and meet the operating and/or maintenance cost of the facility; and
  • open that pool/water playground for at least three months during the financial year in which they are applying.

Funding will not be provided to the following organisations:

  • Metropolitan local governments
  • Educational institutions
  • Regional local governments where the facility applied for is operated and/or already subsidised by the State Government
  • Regional local governments where the water playground applied for is not the primary aquatic facility in the town.


Prospective applicants are required to register with the Department prior to applying, in order to receive a login, password and a link to the online portal.

The relevant contact should email with their name, local government, work email and position. Please note that this person will be entering into a contract with the State of Western Australia should their application be successful and must have the required delegated authority to do so on behalf of their local government.

What can the grant be used for?

The grant must be used to subsidise at least one of the following areas in the 2016/17 financial year:

  • Upgrade to the aquatic facility (e.g. new heating system, new floodlighting)
  • Maintenance of the aquatic facility (e.g. replacement of existing filters)
  • Reduction of pool entry costs
  • Staff development and/or training (e.g. swimming instructor training)
  • Purchase of pool equipment (e.g. lane ropes, inflatables).

Alternatively, the Minister will allow eligible regional local governments to apply for a Future Capital Project. This grant must be placed in a specified reserve account to be budgeted towards a Future Capital Project, that will occur in 2017/18. The purpose of this grant is to allow regional local governments to utilise CPRP funding from multiple years on an identified future capital upgrade, capital maintenance item or major equipment project which will significantly revitalise a regional aquatic facility.

The project must be identified in a council budget or forward works program and must be acquitted by June 2018.


Successful local governments will need to acquit the grant by 1 June 2017 or the relevant financial year in which your future capital grant is forecast, no later than 1 June 2018.

Application guidelines

Application guidelines for the Community Pool Revitalisation Program.

More information

For more information contact your local DSR office or email