KidSport Financial Exceptions

The KidSport financial assessment process is in place to assist children who may not be listed on a Health Care or Pensioner Concession card but are experiencing financial hardship. The parent or guardian will need to meet one of the four KidSport Financial Exceptions and visit a KidSport Financial Assessor to apply.

KidSport Financial Assessors

KidSport Financial Assessors are professional employees at agencies who provide support services for families. They will assess a family's financial situation against the KidSport Financial Exceptions and submit a KidSport application to the department.

Your local government or the department can provide the contact details for a local KidSport Financial Assessor. 

Organisations who want to be KidSport Financial Assessors should email the KidSport team or call 08 9492 9911 to discuss this role.

KidSport Financial Exceptions

Families who do not have a concession card but are experiencing significant financial hardship, as a result of an unforeseen situation, may apply for a financial exception through a KidSport Financial Assessor.

The current KidSport exceptions are:

  1. Sudden loss of employment and subsequent income from the main income earner of the family. This does not include voluntary unemployment or circumstances where a redundancy payment has been received.
  2. Death or serious illness of a parent/guardian causing significant impact on the household income which places the family in a position of financial hardship.
  3. Fire, flood or other natural disaster causing significant impact on the household’s financial situation.
  4. Situations when the child has been placed into care (of the State, foster or extended family) and the relevant concession cards are unavailable.

Application process when using a KidSport Financial Assessor

If an applicant is not listed on a valid concession card but appears to be experiencing financial hardship under one of the four exceptions, the local government or the department can provide them with the contact details of a local KidSport Financial Assessor.

The KidSport Financial Assessor will then meet with the family and discuss their financial circumstances. If these circumstances meet one of the four exceptions, for not having a concession card, the KidSport Financial Assessor will complete an exception application form and send it to the department for assessment.

If the department approves the exception it will be processed online for final administration against the remaining KidSport eligibility criteria. If the application is unsuccessful the KidSport Financial Assessor will be notified and will contact the family.

Frequently asked questions

How many times can I get a KidSport Financial Exception?

A child can only access KidSport once under one of the four financial exceptions. If the family is experiencing ongoing financial hardship they should apply for a concession card through the Department of Human Services (Centrelink).

Who is not eligible to be a KidSport Financial Assessor?

The following people/organisations cannot become KidSport Financial Assessors: local leaders/individuals, clubs, doctors, universities, metropolitan schools, PCYCs or YMCAs. 

The reasons for not including these people/organisations vary but are generally around them not being able to make a financial assessment of the family or running programs/clubs themselves which presents a conflict.

Why are regional schools eligible to become KidSport Financial Assessors but metropolitan schools are not?

Teachers are not always in a position to determine a family’s financial status and in the metropolitan area there are other more suitable agencies which can fulfil this role. For this reason, Sport and Recreation (WA) has decided to restrict metropolitan schools from becoming KidSport Financial Assessors.

It is, however, acknowledged that in some regional areas the local school is the only organisation in a position to recognise and support families experiencing financial hardship to access KidSport funding. For this reason regional schools will be accepted as KidSport Financial Assessors if recommended by the local government.

How does an organisation become a KidSport Financial Assessor?

If an organisation would like to be financial assessor, they should email the KidSport team to discuss becoming involved.

What happens if a child with a valid concession card goes to a KidSport Financial Assessor?

The KidSport Financial Assessor can still help the child/parent/guardian complete an online application form. There is no need for the family to provide any reasons of financial hardship, they simply need to include a copy of their concession card with their application form.

Who do I contact to find a KidSport financial assessor in my area? 

Please contact the local government in which you reside, and they can provide you with the contact details of a KidSport financial assessor in your area.