Information for clubs

KidSport Club eligibility

To be an eligible KidSport club, a club needs to deliver a recognised sport and be either:  

  1. A not-for-profit sport or recreation club OR
  2. A business/privately owned sport or recreation club that is affiliated with a recognised State Sporting Association or have affiliation through a State organisation.

How does a club register to be a KidSport club?

Eligible clubs must register for a KidSport online account, otherwise applicants and local governments won’t be able to process any KidSport applications for your club.

Follow the how to guide to register an account. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my club is already registered?

Check to see if your club is registered for KidSport

How does my club register?

Eligible organisations can register to be a KidSport approved club.

Who do I contact to find out if my club has been approved?

Contact the local government of your club’s primary location to receive a status update.

Can we provide refunds to families that have already paid in full?

No, a parent/child needs to provide their KidSport code when they are registering. KidSport cannot be used retrospectively by a family.

How do we change our club portal login details?

Email the KidSport team. It is best to use the email that your club registered their KidSport online account with if you know this. View the how to guide for help.

Once an approved club, how do we use the redeem KidSport codes and generate invoices?

Log in to your club portal and follow the different how to guides.

How often should clubs update their details?

Clubs should update their details before every season or whenever there are any changes to club contact details, fee structures or bank details.

I am having problems registering or updating club details

Have you had a look at the how to guide? If you can’t find your answer, contact the email the KidSport team