KidSport application

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This online application form is intended to be completed by the child’s parent/guardian. By completing this form you acknowledge you are aware that:

  • This form should only be completed for KidSport vouchers towards 2019 fees
  • The child you are applying for is aged 5–18 years old
  • You have an electronic copy of your Health Care/Pensioner Concession Card with the child’s individual Client Reference Number (CRN) listed.
  • You have ensured that the club you are registering the child for is an approved KidSport club
  • You have a valid email address required to receive the approved KidSport voucher code
  • You are required to provide the approved Kidsport voucher code to your chosen club upon registration.

Please note the KidSport approval process can take up to 10 business days.

The department recommends using a desktop/laptop and utilising the Google chrome browser when completing the application form. If the application has been submitted successfully, a “Thank you for submitting” page will appear and you will receive email notification upon receipt.

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