Fundraising provides a great way to engage with members as well as topping up your organisation’s bank balance.

Why fundraise?

Fundraising helps your organisation raise funds – usually for a specific goal.

Your fundraising goal should have an amount and a timeframe, both of which should be achievable. Throughout the fundraising activity, update your members or sponsors of your progress. This can often encourage donations if your members can see you are getting closer to achieving your goal.

What to fundraise for

Sport and recreation clubs often fundraise for:

  • Sporting equipment
  • Uniforms
  • Travel

Fundraising suppliers

There are many fundraising suppliers available with a variety of goods and services to suit every organisation.

Start by searching for ‘fundraising suppliers’ on the web. You may want to add your local area or state to refine your search.

Remember to consider appropriate fundraising ideas that would reflect your organisation’s values. For instance, if your organisation promotes healthy lifestyles then chocolate bars may not be appropriate.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is now a popular way to use the web to fundraise. Using popular crowdfunding platforms you can add your fundraising goal and promote it through your website and social media. This gives your organisation a wider audience and helps you achieve your fundraising goals quickly.

You can find crowdfunding sites by searching ‘crowdfunding’ on the web. You can quickly grasp the idea and see how successful crowdfunding can be. Be sure to check if the crowdfunding platform takes a percentage of money raised and whether that suits your fundraising goals.

Fundraising ideas

  • Crowdfunding
  • Consignment sales – the club takes items to be sold on consignment and receives a percentage of the selling price
  • Cake stall
  • Renting your club house to outside groups
  • Selling personalised buttons or pins – button/pin-making kits are commercially available and will enable you to create club souvenirs or promotional items
  • Auction/silent auction
  • Fete/bazaar
  • Bequests
  • Bingo
  • Selling products from national fundraising companies
  • Bus tour
  • Car wash
  • Parking arrangements for special events – clubs provide volunteers to direct parking for a percentage of the parking fees
  • Dinner with a profile coach/administrator – could also be breakfast or lunch
  • Sports breakfast/lunch/dinner served by celebrities
  • Annual garage sale
  • Personalised coffee mugs
  • Special vintage port
  • Installing a vending machine
  • Sausage sizzle
  • Movie/theatre/concert night
  • Progressive dinner
  • Merchandising campaign
  • Fashion parad.
  • Ghost marathon – make-believe marathon sponsored by your club. The cost of participating could be $20 but no one actually runs/swims/rides because it is a 'ghost' marathon. Entrants receive a great t-shirt as a souvenir of their 'participation'.
  • Dance – formal ball/fancy dress, country and western dance or boot scooting with lessons
  • Celebrity autograph and photo session
  • Celebrity sporting contest
  • Halloween haunted house
  • Cow drop – any large area (football oval, soccer pitch) is marked off in equal squares. On the day, the cow is let loose on the field and the winner of the grand prize is identified when the cow makes its 'dropping' on a specified square on the field.
  • Golf tournament
  • Coaching clinic of champions
  • Publishing a cookbook or calendar
  • Suitcase dinner – a discounted weekend travel package (airfares/accommodation and tickets to a sporting event) is donated to the club or could be purchased at a discounted price. A dinner is held and everyone attending brings his or her suitcase ready to leave for the airport that night.
  • Selling advertising space at the club
  • Car raffle
  • Selling bricks for a memorial sidewalk
  • Selling coupon books
  • Raffle, BBQ and a major sporting event viewed in a big-screen TV.


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