Funding, grants and scholarships

Funding is critical to the successful operation of organisations and it’s an important part of the support that we provide.

The department, through grants, subsidies and scholarships, provides funding to organisations who facilitate sport and active recreation. Funding is important to support the industry and provide active opportunities for every Western Australian.

There are many areas which have access to funding, including:

  • Sport and community organisations
  • Facilities
  • Regional areas

Funding can be accessed through these key areas

Supporting a sustainable and diverse industry 

Access to funding is central to our team’s core business to support the development of a sustainable and diverse sport and recreation system that encourages participation, develops talent and contributes to the health and wellbeing of individuals and groups in WA.

In 2012/13, the department provided:

  • $22.7 million to 117 facilities through the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF). 
  • $14.8 million from the Sports Lotteries Account to fund State Sporting Association programs, peak agencies, regional sport and community sport.
  • $1.15 million for 26 trails projects.

    Funding sources

    The Department sources additional funds to further support sport and recreation in Western Australia. Our funding sources include the State Government, Lotterywest and Royalties for Regions.


    Fundraising is a great way for sport and recreation organisations to find extra revenue. Whether your organisation is fundraising for some new uniforms or planning a big clubhouse upgrade there are a number of ways to achieve your goals.

    Department recognition

    Receiving funding often requires some recognition of the Department. This can depend on the funding provided. Successful applicants should read about the ways to recognise the Department for funding which includes downloadable logo files.