Freedom of Information

Sport and Recreation (WA) coordinates the receipt and processing of all Freedom of Information (FOI) applications relating to Sport and Recreation (WA).

The proclamation of the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (WA) ("the FOI Act") in November 1993 created a legal right of access to documents held by all state and local government agencies (section 10).

State Government Ministerial Offices are separate agencies under the FOI Act. FOI applications relating to those agencies should be forwarded directly to the relevant ministerial office.

Freedom of Information contact personnel

Freedom of Information Coordinator

Damian Kneale
Perth Stadium
Email Damian Kneale

Postal address

Freedom of Information Coordinator
PO Box 8349 Perth Business Centre WA 6849

Freedom of Information decision-maker

Director Business Management
Sport and Recreation (WA)

In the event the Freedom of Information Decision Maker is unavailable the Directors of Sport and Recreation (WA) are able to act as the Decision Maker.

Internal reviewer

Executive Director
Sport and Recreation (WA)

Office of the Information Commissioner

Albert Facey House
469 Wellington Street, Perth WA 6000
Telephone 08 6551 7888
Facsimile 08 6551 7889
Country callers 1800 62 1244 (toll free)
Email the Office of the Information Commissioner


The role of the Freedom of Information coordinator of Sport and Recreation (WA) is to administer the Freedom of Information Act 1992 as it relates to Sport and Recreation (WA) thus ensuring a right of access to documents created or received by Sport and Recreation (WA). These documents are made available to the public through the process of the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (subject to exemptions).

Agencies are required to assist the public obtain access to documents at the lowest reasonable cost and to ensure that personal information held is accurate, complete, up to date and not misleading. The right to apply is not affected by any reasons the applicant may have for wishing to obtain access, or the agency’s belief as to what the reasons are for applying.

Information statement

This statement is published in accordance with Part 5 s94 of the Freedom of Information Act 1992. The purpose of the statement is to ensure that the Government is accountable and transparent to the public of Western Australia.

The Information statement is required to:

  1. outline the structure and functions of the Department;
  2. demonstrate the impact our functions have on the community;
  3. outline the processes which exist to enable the community to participate in the formulation of policy and the performance of our functions;
  4. define the kinds of documents held by the Department;
  5. outline how the public can access documents held by us; and
  6. outline the procedures for requesting or amending personal information under the Act.

Sport and Recreation (WA) mission


To enhance the quality of life of Western Australians through their participation and achievement in sport and recreation.


  • To get more Western Australians physically active
  • To resource and equip sport and recreation providers
  • To support talent development and achievement in sport
  • To promote sound infrastructure planning and sustainable facility provision
  • To provide affordable recreation camp experiences.

Organisational structure of Sport and Recreation (WA)


Sport and Recreation (WA) organisational structure is detailed in Appendix A.

Minister responsible


The Minister for Sport and Recreation is the Hon Mick Murray MLA.

Department management

Director General


The Director General is the accountable officer of the Department and is responsible for leadership and coordination of policy and planning of sport and recreation in Western Australia.

The Director General of the Department is Mr Ron Alexander.

Corporate Executive


The members of the Corporate Executive manage the affairs of the Sport and Recreation (WA):

  • Duncan Ord, Director General (Chair)
  • Alex Watt, Director, Business Management
  • Graham Brimage, Director, Strategic Policy and Regional Services
  • Nick Sloan, Director, Industry Development and Participation
  • Rob Didcoe, Director, Facilities and Camps                  
  • Ronnie Hurst, Project Director Perth Stadium               
  • Nicola Johnson, Executive Manager.

Department structure and functions


Sport and Recreation (WA) is a division of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries which is a department of the State Government of Western Australia constituted under Section 35 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994.



Read about the Sport and Recreation (WA)'s history dating back to 1939.

The major functions of Sport and Recreation (WA)

Strategic Policy, Planning and Research

  • Lead policy and planning directions of Sport and Recreation (WA)
  • Identify and coordinate research for Sport and Recreation (WA)
  • Promote the development of strategic partnerships
  • Support the development of policy for the sport and recreation industry
  • Provide ministerial speeches
  • Distribute information on Sport and Recreation (WA) policies and programs.


Industry Development and Participation

Manage grant funding programs which aim to enhance sport development and participation in Western Australia and increase the significant contribution sport and recreation makes to the community.

  • Provide a consultancy service to Western Australian sporting organisations.
  • Provide a leadership role to the recreation industry.
  • Promote the value sport and recreation has in developing individuals and communities through representation on, and consultation to community and other government agency planning teams.
  • Provide community-based education programs to support the volunteer base of sport and recreation services and provide opportunities for volunteers to develop the skills to manage sport and recreation programs.
  • Enhance local government's appreciation of their significant contribution to community well-being through recreation and to enhance their services in appropriate ways.
  • Increase opportunities for participation in sport and recreation by young people, women, seniors and Indigenous communities in Perth and regional Western Australia.


Facilities and Camps

  • Assist local community bodies create the physical environment which increases opportunities to participate in appropriate sport and recreation activities.
  • Provide advice to other government agencies in developing policies and frameworks that provide for sport and recreation facilities.
  • Provide affordable accommodation and outdoor recreation experiences to increase community participation, skills and fitness.

Functions of Business Management

  • Develop and coordinate strategies in the areas of corporate development including corporate management, performance management and customer focus.
  • Provide financial management and general administrative services including purchasing and asset management.
  • Provide information management particularly in the areas of strategic planning for information management, information systems and records management.
  • Provide information systems particularly in the areas of internal and regional communications; database development and management; and management information systems.
  • Provide human resource management, particularly in the areas of training and development programs, industrial relations matters, staff recruitment and maintenance of personnel records, and compliance with legislation relating to equal employment; occupational health, safety and welfare; workers compensation; and employee assistance programs.

Sport and Recreation (WA)’s Strategic Plan 2013-2015


Sport and Recreation (WA)'s Strategic Plan has key result areas:

  • Industry development: The value and benefits of sport and active recreation is recognised across the community.
  • Places and spaces: All Western Australians have access to quality sport and active recreation settings.
  • Organisational Development: Sport and active recreation organisations in Western Australia deliver world class programs to all Western Australians
  • Participation: A more physically active society in which sport and active recreation contributes significantly to community well-being.
  • High performance: Excellence is achieved in sporting performances by Western Australians.
  • Business management: A vibrant, responsive and progressive organisation that is accountable to the government and the community.

Industry Strategic Plan


Since 2003, editions of 'Strategic Directions for Western Australian Sport and Recreation’, have been developed by the sport and recreation industry and informs Sport and Recreation (WA)’s strategies for further developing the industry in this State.

Strategic Directions for Western Australia Sport and Recreation 2011-2015 (SD5) is available from Sport and Recreation (WA)’s website.

Criteria for measurement


In achieving its objectives, Sport and Recreation (WA)’s strategies are concentrated on using multiplier agencies (primarily State Sporting Associations, local governments and education authorities) to achieve its impacts on the wider community.

Assessing the effectiveness of these strategies is then a two-stage process:

  1. the effectiveness of Sport and Recreation (WA) in impacting on the multipliers; and
  2. the effectiveness of the multipliers impacting on the community.


An assessment of Sport and Recreation (WA)’s performance against its performance indicators is available in the Sport and Recreation (WA)'s annual report.

Resources employed by Sport and Recreation (WA)


Sport and Recreation (WA)’s divisions include:

  • Industry Development and Participation
  • Business Management
  • Facilities and Camps
  • Strategic Policy, Planning and Regional Services.


Sport and Recreation (WA) has 192 full-time employees as of financial year 2016/17, the total number includes those staff who are employed in external services in camps and regional offices; the remainder of the staff operate out of the Perth office.

Regional Services staff service ten Western Australian regions and are based in nine major centres throughout the State. Regional location details are listed in Appendix B. Recreation camp location details are listed in Appendix C.

Department function on the participation in policy formulation

Corporate Executive Committee


The Corporate Executive Committee comprises the Director General, the four Directors and the Executive Officer.

The committee meets twice monthly to:

  • endorse corporate policies and procedures (including policies and procedures emanating from all divisions which will have an impact/influence across the organisation unless specifically delegated by the Corporate Executive);
  • update and introduce information on strategic initiatives or key infrastructures;
  • discuss significant inter agency or customer issues;
  • review programs reviews and evaluations;
  • discuss significant management or operational issues that have potential impact at an organisational level, or across multiple divisions;
  • review outcomes from Departmental standing committees including (Occupational, Safety and Health (OSH) Committee; Equal Employment Opportunity Committee; Internal Audit);
  • discuss proposed legislative changes;
  • discuss monthly financial reports; and
  • report on reforms, outsourcing, tenders, contracts and funding including:
    • engagement of consultants/contractors at a value greater than $5000;
    • development of new publications.


Consultation must occur between divisions on all relevant issues and in particular on matters referred for consideration at Corporate Executive meetings.

Internal management committees

Strategic Policy, Planning and Research


Comprises of all members of the Strategic Policy, Planning and Research Division and meets twice monthly to share information on work in progress and activities that may impact on the division.

Industry Development and Participation Division


Comprises all members of the division including regional staff and meets twice monthly to share information on operational and management issues relating to upcoming programs/activities.

Facilities and Camps Division


The division holds bi-monthly meetings for managers and each branch in the division convenes fortnightly and/or monthly meetings. Teleconferences for all camps staff may be used for specific issues.

Business Services Division


Comprises all members of information services, human resources, administration and finance. The managers of the Division meet fortnightly to share information on operational and management issues relating to programs/activities.

Committees or bodies administered by the Department

Roles, appointments and public participation for boards and committees.
Role Appointments
Public participation
WA Professional Combat Sports Commission
Provides standards for combat sports and issues licences
Appointed by the Minister for Sport and Recreation
Through representatives
or written submission
Community Sport and Recreation Facilities Fund
Makes recommendations to the Minister of Sport and Recreation regarding funding allocation
Appointed by the Minister of Sport and Recreation
Through representatives

Freedom of Information



To apply for information held by Sport and Recreation (WA) please send a letter outlining your request alternatively, please fill in application form at Appendix D.

How the application is made

  1. The access application must:
    • be in writing;
    • give enough information to enable the requested documents to be identified;
    • give an address in Australia to which notices under the Act can be sent;
    • give any other information or details required under the regulations; and
    • be lodged at an office of the agency with any application fee payable.
  2. The access application may request that access to the documents be given in a particular way described in section 27(1).
  3. An application may be lodged by delivery by hand, post or facsimile at an office of the agency to which it is directed.
  4. If an application is lodged with an agency by post it is to be regarded as having been lodged with the agency at the end of the fifth day after it was posted.
  5. If an application is lodged with an agency by facsimile it is to be regarded as having been lodged with the agency on the day on which it is transmitted.


Applications will be acknowledged in writing and notification of a decision will be given within 45 days.

Freedom of Information charges


Details of fees and charges are detailed in the table below, where required they must be paid in full before access to non-personal information will be permitted. Documents which are non-personal are those for which an application under the Act must be made.

No fees or charges apply for personal information or amendment of personal information about the applicant (e.g. medical records; details of employment, etc.).

Charges include:

  • $30 application fee for non-personal information
  • $30 per hour of staff time or pro rata of an hour for dealing with an application. (Agencies cannot charge for locating the documents within the scope of a request)
  • $30 supervised access time or preparation of a transcript or a tape (per hour or pro rata)
  • 20c photocopying per copy
  • $30 for time spent photocopying (per hour or pro rata).


Actual cost incurred by the agency for preparing a copy of a tape, film or computerised information, or arranging delivery, packaging and postage of documents.

Please note that Freedom of Information fees are GST exempt. If you are financially disadvantaged applicants or hold a prescribed pensioner concession card, please advise the Freedom of Information Coordinator.



A deposit of 25% of the estimated charge may be requested, see Freedom of Information Act s18 (1).

A further advance deposit of up to 75% of the estimated charge may also be requested see Freedom of Information Act s18 (4).

Refusal of access


Applicants who wish to lodge a complaint regarding the decision of Sport and Recreation (WA) may do so through the Office of the Information Commissioner. An external review application must be provided in writing or you can visit the Office of the Information Commissioner.

Access to non-exempt documents


Documents to which access has been granted will, if possible, be made available in the form requested. Generally however, Sport and Recreation (WA) will provide copies of documents sought.

Viewing documents


In some cases non-exempt documents will only be available for viewing at Sport and Recreation (WA)'s Leederville office or if available at any of our regional offices, on weekdays, between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm. A fee will be charged for the supervised viewing of non-personal documents.

Notice of decision


As soon as possible but within 45 days the applicant will be provided with a notice of decision which will include details such as:

  • the date which the decision was made;
  • the name and the designation of the officer who made the decision;
  • if access is refused, the reasons for claiming the document is exempt; and
  • information on the rights of review and the procedures to be followed to exercise those rights.

Freedom of Information internal reviewing officer


If an applicant wishes to have a review of the Freedom of Information application an application must be received in writing addressed to the Internal Reviewer at Sport and Recreation (WA) within 30 days of receipt of the initial notice of decision. An application for external review should be made to the Office of the Information Commissioner within 60 days of receiving notice of the decision.

Documents held by the Department


Details of documents available for which a Freedom of Information application is not required and available at no cost include:

  • Freedom of Information Statement;
  • Sport and Recreation (WA) annual report;
  • Details of Recreation Camp locations, hire charges and conditions;
  • Directory of sporting associations and clubs in Western Australia;
  • Job description forms; and
  • All publications available on our website.


Documents available for purchase (cost of copying only):

  • Divisional operational plans;
  • Internal telephone directory;
  • Various reports on sport and recreation issues such as facilities, safety, sports injury and statistical data;
  • Human resource management plans and reports.


Other documents available for which a Freedom of Information application is required (non-exempt documents):

  • Records files on the administrative operations of Sport and Recreation (WA) and the Professional Combat Sports Commission;
  • Correspondence held Sport and Recreation (WA) files;
  • Personal files and other information on individual employees;
  • Manuals on administrative and financial policy and procedures;
  • Minutes of Divisional meetings;
  • Corporate Executive meeting minutes;
  • Grants systems databases and operating manuals;
  • Camps booking system databases and operating manuals;
  • Management information systems databases and operating manuals;
  • Information Centre management systems databases and operating manuals;
  • Purchasing records and contracts; and
  • Audit reports and supporting documentation.

Legislative compliance


  • Corruption and Crime Commission Act 2003
  • Disability Services Act 1993
  • Equal Opportunity Act 1984
  • Freedom of Information Act 1992
  • Financial Management Act 2006
  • Industrial Relations Act 1979
  • Library Board of Western Australia Act 1951
  • Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994
  • Parliamentary Commissioner Act 1972
  • Perry Lakes Redevelopment Act 2005
  • Professional Combat Sports Act 1987
  • Public and Bank Holidays Act 1972
  • Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003
  • Public Sector Management Act 1994
  • Salaries and Allowance Act 1975
  • Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Commonwealth)
  • State Records Act 2000
  • State Superannuation Act 2000
  • State Supply Commission Act 1991
  • Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 1981


Sport and Recreation (WA) head office location

Leederville office
246 Vincent Street, Leederville WA 6007
PO Box 8349 Perth Business Centre WA 6849
Telephone 08 9492 9700
Email the Leederville office

Associated bodies

Professional Combat Sports Commission
c/o Sport and Recreation (WA)
246 Vincent Street, Leederville WA 6007
PO Box 329, Leederville WA 6903

Appendix A

Sport and Recreation (WA) organisational structure:


Appendix B: Regional offices

Gascoyne office
15 Stuart Street, Carnarvon WA 6701
PO Box 140, Carnarvon WA 6701
Telephone 08 9941 0900
Mobile 0447 183 069
Email the Gascoyne office

Goldfields office
Suite 1, 349-353 Hannan Street
Kalgoorlie WA 6430
PO Box 1036, Kalgoorlie WA 6430
Telephone 08 9022 5800
Email the Goldfields office

Great Southern office
22 Collie Street, Albany WA 6330
Telephone 08 9892 0100
Email the Great Southern office

Kimberley office (Broome)
Unit 2B, 23 Coghlan Street,
Broome WA 6725
PO Box 1476, Broome  WA  6725
Telephone 08 9195 5749
Email the Kimberley office

Kimberley office (Kununurra)
Telephone 08 9195 5750
Facsimile 08 9166 4999 
Mobile 0427 357 774
Email the Kimberley office

Pilbara office
Karratha Leisureplex
Dampier Highway
PO Box 941, Karratha WA 6714
Telephone 08 9182 2100
Email the Pilbara office

Mid West office
Level 1, 268-270 Foreshore Drive, Geraldton WA 6530
PO Box 135, Geraldton WA 6531
Telephone 08 9956 2100
Email the Mid West office

Peel office
Suite 94, 16 Dolphin Drive, Mandurah WA 6210
PO Box 1445, Mandurah WA 6210
Telephone 08 9550 3100
Email the Peel office

Great Southern office
22 Collie Street, Albany WA 6330
Telephone 08 9892 0100
Email the Great Southern office

Wheatbelt office (Narrogin)
Narrogin Regional Leisure Centre
50 Clayton Road, Narrogin WA 6312
Telephone 0429 881 369 
Email the Wheatbelt office

Wheatbelt office (Northam)
298 Fitzgerald Street, Northam WA 6401
PO Box 55, Northam WA 6401

Telephone 08 9690 2400
Email the Wheatbelt office

Appendix C: Recreation camps

Camps bookings office

246 Vincent Street, Leederville WA 6007
PO Box 8349 Perth Business Centre WA 6849
Telephone 08 9492 9999
Email camps bookings office
Submit your booking enquiry information

Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp

Hardinge Road, Orange Grove WA 6109
Telephone 08 9492 9781
Facebook @bickleycamp
Email Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp

Emergency and urgent matters only
Mobile 0429 115 723

Ern Halliday Recreation Camp

Whitfords Avenue, Hillarys WA 6025
PO Box 80 Hillarys WA 6923
Telephone 08 9492 9788
Facebook @ernhallidaycamp
Email Ern Halliday Recreation Camp

Emergency and urgent matters only
Mobile 0417 948 816

Point Walter Recreation and Conference Centre

1 Stock Road, Bicton WA 6157
Telephone 08 9492 9784
Facebook @pointwaltercamp
Email Point Walter Recreation and Conference Centre

Emergency and urgent matters only
Mobile 0419 919 018

Camp Quaranup

Quaranup Road, Vancouver Peninsular, WA 6330
PO Box L30, Little Grove WA 6331
Telephone 08 9844 4087
Facebook @campquaranup
Email Camp Quaranup

Emergencies or urgent matters only
Mobile 0407 029 343

Woodman Point Recreation Camp

74 O'Kane Court, Coogee WA 6166
Telephone 08 9492 9797
Facebook @woodmanpointcamp
Email Woodman Point Recreation Camp

Emergencies or urgent matters only
Mobile 0414 448 088

Appendix D: application form