Club health check

The Australian Sports Commission's (ASC) Club Health Check has been formed as a tool to assist State Sporting Organisations and their clubs with their overall management, governance and planning both at a strategic and an operational level. 

The Club Health Check focuses questions on the key areas that drive clubs: how clubs set—and reach—targets considered important to running a successful club.

The report provided at the completion of the survey gives clubs a clear picture of whether their operations and activities are on target to achieve their goals

The report is broken down into three sections;
  1. Action plan – Six priority areas, as determined from the answers provided in the checklist, are identified in an action plan along with resources to assist in improving these areas. An action plan template has been designed to facilitate discussion and guide planning for the club committee. It is strongly recommended that the committee or a working group address each of the items in this report. This plan should also form part of the on-going discussions for the committee.
  2. Summary report – The summary report provides data on how clubs have scored in the areas identified as important to their future success. An outline of all of the results and general information on each key area, and related resources to assist with improvement, is also provided in this section.
  3. Summary of priority responses – The summary of priority responses provides a copy of all the questions answered, along with the responses and subsequent priority level. This information can give further background to committee discussions and future actions.

As a result of the introduction of the Club Health Checklist, DSR would like feedback on the support and resources that State Sporting Associations and their clubs may require after the completion of the checklist. Following this, the department will develop a Club Support Package.