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Welcome to the new Every Club Hub.  

In many ways, clubs are a focal point for communities, whether they are in the city or country. Research shows sports clubs and community organisations help to develop social capital and are good barometers of community strength and health.

That's why we are committed to giving every club in Western Australia access to resources, guides, training opportunities and information on how they can improve their club, make life easier and support their volunteers and members.

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State Sporting Associations

A number of State Sporting Associations including those mentioned below that have online support and resources specifically developed for their clubs. Visit these associations below for sport specific club development programs or contact your sport specific State Sporting Associations to see what club development resources and information they have. 


Local government support

A number of local governments provide support and resources for their clubs. See if your local government has a dedicated contact for all club development inquiries.

Clubs are community. They are an investment, the social capital that helps build and shape our society.

Clubs strengthen communities

Clubs are meeting places where we find the company of like-minded people. We make friends, we share experiences. Valuable social networks develop through shared sporting aspirations and experiences.

Clubs enable members of a community to be linked by a common bond: their participation in that club and sport.

For many, forming friendships and a sense of belonging are powerful reasons to become involved and remain active in sport.