Observation checklists 


Observation checklists have been developed to assist teachers with the assessment of outcomes and to identify observable behaviours throughout the course of the camp.

These checklists align to descriptions of expected standards developed by the Department of Education within interpersonal skills and self-management skills outcomes.

Recreation camps provide students with an opportunity to practise develop and demonstrate various skills and outcomes related to the Western Australian Curriculum Framework.

Organising checklist 

The following is the minimum recommended timeline for organising your school camp. Bookings can be made up to 13 months in advance. Initial bookings will require possible arrival/departure dates, accommodation requirements, year level and estimated numbers. A tour of the camp can be organised by contacting the camp direct.

Once your camp is booked

  • Contact your Program Coordinator to discuss the various program options (if possible 6–12 months in advance). 

Twelve weeks before camp

  • Check your student numbers to ensure your original estimate was realistic
  • Contact your DSR Program Coordinator to discuss the various program options (express special needs if required)
  • Confirm accommodation requirements
  • Print external provider form and complete your school’s internal excursion proposal forms
  • Organise site visit (if you haven’t done so already).

Ten weeks before camp

  • Confirm program options with Program Coordinator
  • Organise a supervisory team of school staff/adults for camp.

Six weeks before camp

  • Distribute details of the camp to parents, including information for parents, excursion information letter and medical and consent forms
  • Begin collection of consent and medical forms and camp fees
  • Discuss catering options with Accolade Catering.

Four weeks before camp

  • Ensure all consent and medical forms are completed and returned
  • Confirm student numbers with your Program Coordinators, plus any students with special requirements
  • Confirm menu with Accolade Catering
  • A 50% deposit must be made on confirmation
  • Deposit payment due. 

Two weeks before camp

  • Complete the supervision roster and supply supervisory team information regarding roles, responsibilities and information regarding your camps program
  • Brief accompanying staff
  • Allocate students to groups as requested by Program Coordinator (camps programs have limitations in instructors to student ratios and what our resources can accommodate).

On arrival

  • Provide Program Coordinator with final numbers
  • Receive pre-camp brief
  • Provide camp office with participant numbers. 

On departure

  • Provide camp office with final participant and visitor numbers.


  • Complete post-camp survey form
  • Discuss with staff the availability of your next booking.

Ten days after receiving invoice

  •  Final payment due.