Can we come for a picnic, party or day excursion?

Yes you can. Our Acacia Day Area is perfect to hire for your day requirements and can be booked through our Bookings Office on 9492 9999. You may also consider participating in one or more of the exciting recreation programs available at our site. Program enquiries and bookings can be made directly through the camp. Call 9492 9797 and ask to speak to one of our Program Coordinators.

The Acacia Day Area has a small meeting room, undercover veranda, two gas barbeques, a grassed area, fridge and ablutions. You can also arrange for Accolade Catering to provide lunch or finger food for that special touch.

Can our group check-in before 2pm?

Check-in time for our accommodation groups is 2pm to allow time for our cleaners to prepare your facilities. Groups that choose to arrive on-site prior to 2pm to participate in our recreation programs will be encouraged, as long as they fit around the outgoing group’s schedule. Incoming groups that participate in programs may base themselves at a program area, the Acacia Day Area or the recreation hall at the applicable rate (if available). Accolade Catering may be requested to provide lunch at these venues, which may be a packed lunch, finger food or similar. 

No incoming groups will have access to a dining hall, dormitories or tent camp areas before 2pm on the day of their arrival if another group is departing from the same area. Guaranteed access earlier than 2pm can only be given to a group that books the previous night’s accommodation. This is strongly recommended for groups that require extensive facilities early on their first day of arrival (and at a minimum charge rate this is quite affordable for larger groups). 

Early arrival requirements need to be discussed and approved in advance. Contact our Bookings Office for more information on 9492 9999.

Can our group stay later than our 10am check-out time?

Outgoing accommodation groups must vacate their dormitories by 10 am. Upon prior arrangement, groups may use their respective Dining Halls for lunch (including Accolade Catered lunches). These lunches must be completed and the dining room packed down and swept by 1 pm. Similarly, Acacia tent camping groups can remain for lunch but may be required to move to another venue within the camp after 10 am and vacate the camp by 1 pm. 

The recreation hall (capacity 100 participants) may be utilised as a ‘late check-out’ venue at the applicable rate. This may be a good option for groups that wish to have facilities beyond those supplied at their dining hall (e.g. audio visual equipment) or if they require the use of a meeting room beyond 1 pm. Booking of the recreation hall is subject to availability.

Can we hire audiovisual or meeting equipment?

Audiovisual equipment for use in the recreation hall is available for hire, subject to an applicable fee and usage conditions. School groups may be required to hire this equipment on a ‘shared-use’ basis if multiple school groups have booked the site. 

Tuart Cottage and the Bertie Poore Room have a TV with in-built DVD player, which is included as part of the use of these facilities. 

Groups requiring additional equipment MUST consult with the camp staff, particularly if bringing their own equipment and power-cords. Arrangements may be required to plan appropriate power access. 

Guests should note that the camp has multiple accommodation areas within the site. As such, guests should be considerate of other residents in relation to sound volume and appropriate finish times in the evening.

Photocopying (small quantities only) is available at the main camp office at a fee per page. Woodman Point is primarily a recreation camp and does not cater for groups requiring extensive conference-style facilities. One of our other metropolitan DSR camps, Point Walter Recreation and Conference Centre, is able to provide more appropriate facilities and equipment for conferences and weddings.

Can we use Woodman Point Camp for a birthday party, wedding, bucks/hens party, etc?

Woodman Point is primarily a recreation camp. Given that it is also a multi-user venue, parties associated with excessive alcohol drinking, noise or inappropriate behaviour are not permitted. Our facilities are also not suitable for weddings. 

We do encourage birthday parties, family days/reunions and other events that incorporate recreation and physical activity. 

All user groups wishing to consume alcohol at any time during their stay must abide by the DSR Camps Alcohol Policy, which can be obtained from our Bookings Office on 9492 9999.

Can we drink alcohol at Woodman Point?

DSR camps do not have a licence covering the sale or supply of alcoholic beverages. As a result, alcohol is not permitted at DSR camps unless approval has been provided by the Camp Manager to the client in advance of the booking date, and then only where it does not conflict with other groups. User groups wishing to consume alcohol at any time must abide by the DSR Camps Alcohol Policy

Is smoking permitted at Woodman Point Camp?

Smoking is not permitted at Woodman Point Camp, given that the main users of the site are children. Smoking is also a fire risk and our fire detection system is very sensitive to all forms of smoke. 

Use of any other illegal or illicit substance will not be tolerated at Woodman Point Camp, and may result in Police action and removal from the site.

How do we book accommodation or facilities?

Accommodation and day-use areas of all DSR metropolitan recreation camps can be booked through our Bookings Office or enquiries can be made online. The camp Bookings Office can check availability of all areas at all four of our camps at the click of a mouse. They can also help you with queries regarding accommodation costing, deposits, refunds, etc. 

The Camps Bookings Office can be contacted by phone on +61 8 9492 9999, or fax +61 8 9492 9998, or email campinfo@dsr. For more information click here

How do we make a booking for recreation programs?

The first step for most groups interested in participating in one of our many exciting recreation programs at the site should be to review Woodman Point Camp recreation programs.

On the website, you will find a description of our programs, some action photos, a price list and associated age limits. Most of our programs have age restrictions by school year (e.g. Year 6). 

The majority of our programs are conducted for 90 minutes including a safety briefing. Most programs also have a limit of approximately 20 participants per session depending on the activity. Our experienced Program Coordinators are highly skilled in designing a custom schedule of activities for your group, for any budget, timeframe or group size

Call our camp direct and ask to speak to one of our Program Coordinators on 9492 9797.

Are there any free recreation activities or facilities at Woodman Point?

There are lots of things to do at Woodman Point Camp for FREE! We have a basketball/tennis court and the beach can be accessed with each dormitory key through our private beach gates.

A small quantity of sporting equipment or free-play kits can be borrowed using a cash deposit arrangement from our camp office. 

There are many walking paths in, around and outside the camp, including the Woodman Point Regional Park. A dual-use footpath runs alongside our camp boundary.

For more ideas of things to see and do in and around Woodman Point, call our camp and speak to one of our staff on 9492 9797.

Can we have a campfire?

As the camp is located in a "A" class reserve no fires are permitted.

Can we use a picnic area or have lunch if we are only at Woodman Point Camp to participate in some of your recreation programs?

You certainly can. Groups coming to Woodman Point Camp for a day program but not requiring any lunch or shower facilities will not be charged any day-use facility charge. 

Day program groups that require BBQ and toilet/shower facilities for lunch can book the Acacia Day Area at the applicable per-person and minimum charges.

Please discuss your group needs when you book your day program directly through on of our Program Coordinators at the camp on 9492 9797.

Can we have a one night accommodation booking?

Normally we do not allow one night bookings at our camp. Our Acacia Day/Tent Area and Tuart Cottage are the exceptions, where we allow one night bookings at any time for any reason. 

This policy is in place to allow schools or community groups unable to afford more expensive camp-style accommodation to access the facilities at an affordable rate. As such, we put a two night minimum stay restriction on our client groups (except long weekends and public holidays which have a three night minimum), so that a rogue one night booking does not block out a half-week or full-week for a school or community group wanting to stay for this longer period of time. Woodman Point Camp is a heavily booked facility and we have had to turn away many groups due to existing bookings.

Woodman Point has, however, has put some allowances in place to accept one night bookings in certain circumstances. These bookings must meet certain conditions, including:

  • Must fill a one night gap between existing bookings.
  • Can only be booked within two months of intended stay.
  • Must have Manager’s approval.

For more information on one night bookings, please contact our Camp Bookings Coordinator on 9492 9999.

Can we book the entire site for exclusive access to all facilities?

Large groups can book the entire camp at the applicable rates. Minimum charges exist for the Owen, Spinifex, Grevillea and Jervoise dormitories, Acacia Day Area and Tuart Cottage. If all of these venues are booked at the applicable rates, this is deemed to be a full-site booking. If one or more of these areas is not booked, we will leave those areas available for other groups to book. The recreation hall will be provided to groups with an exclusive site booking for no additional charge. 

Please note, however, that Woodman Point Camp is used by other groups for different reasons. These include historical tours and community groups accessing the Isolation Hospital facility. There is also an on-site staff member who lives in a house within the camp. Woodman Point Camp may also conduct recreation programs or training at the CUBE during your stay. Other day groups may also be on-site for other camp-run recreation programs. These groups are under full supervision of qualified instructors employed by DSR.

What happens if we have to cancel our booking?

Woodman Point Camp staff can take care of all enquiries you may have apart from the booking of accommodation, transfer of dates or cancellations. These tasks are coordinated by the Bookings Office (phone 9492 9999) during office hours. Penalties may apply for cancellations depending on the length of notice you provide. As you may appreciate, late cancellations are seldom ever rebooked.