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Woodman Point provides a historic coastal location south of Fremantle in unique heritage accommodation.

Woodman Point Recreation Camp is popular with a wide variety of groups. Its proximity to Fremantle, competitive pricing, idyllic beach location and the range of adventure programs in The Cube ensure that Woodman Point is unique in many ways. Staff pride themselves on client-focused service and are intent on providing high-level, cost-effective recreation programs to a wide range of groups, including special needs organisations.

The site has significant historical and cultural importance. The site was originally a quarantine station with the first buildings constructed in 1886 and more added in 1901. These buildings have been recently renovated. In contrast to the original buildings, The Cube is a modern, multi-purpose adventure training facility.

The experience

The camp is more than a physical site available for group bookings. It is a special place where Western Australians of all ages can participate in unique activities in an isolated living environment. Whether it is the conquest of the first abseil, the team success at crossing the ‘acid river’ or the wonderful feeling of sharing a camp-fire with new friends, your camp at Woodman Point will be a rewarding experience. 

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The location

This coastal recreation camp is located at the end of O'Kane Court, Coogee on Woodman Point in Cockburn Sound. It is eight kilometres south of Fremantle, a 35min drive from Perth and a 45min drive from Perth Airport.



Woodman Point Camp has a range of accommodation areas suitable for your group’s needs. 

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Owen dormitories


Accolade catering provides catering services at Woodman Point Recreation Camp.

Self Catering is available for guests staying in the Jervoise dormitories and Tuart Cottage only.

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Recreation programs

Structured programs have been offered at Woodman Point since 1994. These have since evolved to contain some 21 distinct programs, with an additional range of program variations, training packages, workplace adventures, custom programs, self-directed activities and holiday programs. 

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Raft building at Woodman Point


The camp has a number of facilities to enhance you experience including the Cube – a 13m high recreation facility jam-packed with roping and climbing activities.

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Woodman Point CUBE internal wide

Camp staff

The Woodman Point Recreation Camp is administered through the Department of Sport and Recreation. The Camp Management team consists of:

Matt Hayes
Manager, Woodman Point
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Kym Lawrence
Operations Manager,
Woodman Point
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Jason Maddern
Senior Program Coordinator
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Matthew Hayes - Camp Manager
Kym Lawrence
Jason Maddern - Senior Program Coordinator

Michelle Young
Camp Event Coordinator
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Ryan Austin
Camp Event Coordinator
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Scott Price
Programt Coordinator
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Michelle Young
Ryan Austin - Camp Event Coordinator
Scott Price

In addition the camp employ a dedicated team of highly-qualified outdoor instructors who deliver and facilitate our adventure programs, together with a facilities and cleaning team who maintain and upkeep our newly-refurbished camp. 

Department of Education (DoE) guidelines

Most Adventure Recreation Programs at Woodman Point meet or exceed the Department of Education guidelines for outdoor pursuits. In consideration of specific environments at the site, variations from these guidelines exist to increase safety. 

Beach safety

Woodman Point management strongly recommends that all groups intending to use the beach arrange for qualified life savers through camp staff for water safety. All groups should check with their governing bodies to make sure that their water safety is in accordance with official procedures.


Woodman Point Camp strives to be inclusive through its programs and facilities. All accommodation and dining areas, excluding Jervoise dormitory and Tuart Cottage, provide wheelchair access, including ablutions suitable for wheelchair use. Any group requiring special requirements need to arrange a site tour before booking the facility to ensure the site is suitable. This can be arranged through the camp. With advance notice, many of our programs can also be modified to include all participants.

More information

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