Can our group self-cater?

Self-catering is available at our Spinnaker camp, and also at our Windmill Area. The Spinnaker camp has a kitchen with cool room, which can be accessed and used by our guests for a fee to cover additional cleaning, power and gas charges (please see fees and charges summary).

All groups staying at our Commodore, Commodore Leaders Cottage or Port and Starboard Areas must use our our contract caterer Accolade Catering. The caterer has a range of affordable and nutritious menus and can tailor your camp menu to suit your budget or particular requirements.

Guests are not permitted to hire other professional caterers to supply food on–site (e.g. spit–roast caterers).

Can we use a picnic area or have lunch if we are only at Ern Halliday to participate in some of your recreation programs?

You certainly can. We have a number of options and depending upon your group size and duration on site, a day visitor charge may be applied. 

These areas are subject to availability. Please discuss your group’s requirements when you book your day program directly through one of our Program Coordinators at the camp on 08 9492 9788.

Can our group check-in before 2pm?

Check-in time for accommodation groups is 2pm, to allow time for our cleaners to prepare your facilities. Groups that choose to arrive on site prior to 2pm to participate in recreation programs will be encouraged and this is discussed and approved in advance. Contact our bookings office for more information on 08 9492 9999.

Can our group stay later than our 10am check-out time?

Outgoing accommodation groups must vacate their dormitories and dining area by 10am. Upon prior arrangement the contract caterer will arrange a packed lunch if required.

The Cardinal Meeting Hall (capacity 100 persons) may be utilised as a late checkout venue at the applicable rate. 

This may be a good option for groups who wish to have facilities beyond that supplied at their dining hall (e.g. audio visual equipment, 2 separate rooms) or if they require the use of a meeting room beyond 10am. The booking of the Cardinal Meeting Hall is subject to availability. To book this venue, please contact our bookings office on 08 9492 9999.

Can we hire audiovisual or meeting equipment?

The Cardinal Meeting Hall has been specially designed for groups requiring additional meeting facilities. Included in the hire fee, your group can have access to the custom built audiovisual system. This system comprises of a digital data projector, wall-mounted speakers and VCR/CD/DVD player. Groups using the meeting hall can also access a four screen electronic whiteboard for a small fee. Laptops are not available and groups must bring their own.

Each of the three dormitory accommodation area dining halls is equipped with a 55 inch Digital LED TV with DVD/Blueray player. Laptops can also be connected to this TV via VGA or HDMI (BYO laptop and cables). There is also a large wall-mounted whiteboard and a projector screen (no projector) in each dining hall facility. Groups who require additional equipment should consider consulting with the camp staff, and bringing their own equipment and power cords.

Guests should note that the camp is in a residential area and has multiple accommodation areas within the site. As such, guests should be considerate to other residents in relation to sound volume and appropriate finish times in the evening. Please refer to the noise restrictions within Ern Halliday.

There are no photocopying or printing facilities available. In an emergency, use of the photocopy and fax machine at the main office may be utilised upon request. Ern Halliday is primarily a recreation camp and doesn't cater for groups requiring extensive conference-style facilities. Our Point Walter Recreation and Conference Centre is able to provide more appropriate facilities and equipment for conferences and weddings.

Can we use Ern Halliday for a birthday party, wedding, bucks/hens party, etc?

Ern Halliday is primarily a recreation camp. Given that it's also a multi-user venue, parties associated with excessive alcohol drinking, noise or inappropriate behaviour are not permitted. Our facilities are also not suitable for weddings. 

We do encourage family days, reunions and other events that incorporate recreation and physical activity.

Can we drink alcohol at Ern Halliday?

All groups wishing to consume alcohol during their stay must sign and abide by the DSR Alcohol Policy, which can be obtained from our website. Normally, groups who follow the alcohol policy won't have any problems. This policy is guided by responsible and controlled consumption of alcohol by adults. 

Generally groups may only consume alcohol at their associated dining hall. In any case, group leaders lodge a written request to the camp manager prior to their stay, stating how their group will provide for the conditions stipulated in the DSR Alcohol Policy.

Is smoking permitted at Ern Halliday?

Smoking is discouraged at Ern Halliday, given that the main users of the site are children. Smoking is not permitted inside any building on site or within 10 metres of any building. Smoking is also not permitted near areas of vegetation as this is a fire risk. Use of any other illegal or illicit substance is strictly forbidden. 

Why not go smoke-free for your stay at our sanctuary in the suburbs?

How do we book accommodation or facilities?

Accommodation and day-use areas for all of our metropolitan recreation camps can be booked through our bookings office. The camps bookings office can check availability at all our metropolitan camps. They can also help with queries regarding accommodation costing, deposits, refunds, etc. 

The bookings office can be contacted by phone on 08 9492 9999 or email us.

How do we ask questions about your camp site or your recreation programs?

For specific questions about the camp, please contact one of the friendly staff at the camp directly by calling 08 9492 9788 or emailing us.

How do we make a booking for recreation programs?

The first step for most groups interested in participating in one of our many exciting recreation programs at the site should be to visit the programs section on our website.

On the website, you will see a description of our programs, some action photos, a price list and associated age limits. Most of our programs have age restrictions relating to the school year (e.g., year 6) due to guidelines produced by the Department of Education.

The majority of our programs last 90 minutes including a safety briefing. Most programs also have a limit of approximately 20 participants per session, although exceptions may apply. Our experienced program coordinators are highly skilled in designing a custom schedule of activities for your group, for any budget, time or group size.

Call our camp and speak to one of our program coordinators on 08 9492 9788.

Are there any free recreational activities or facilities at Ern Halliday?

There are lots of things to do at Ern Halliday for free! Use of the basketball stadium, recreation oval and basketball/netball courts can be arranged through the camp. There is also a volleyball net and cricket nets on the recreation oval. A small quantity of sporting equipment can be borrowed. There are several camp-fire pits available on site for use at certain times of the year. Fire bans do apply. 

Guests at our Spinnaker camp can also make use of the volleyball net and basketball ring in that area. 

There are many walking paths inside and outside the camp. Hillarys Boat Harbour is only 1km south of the camp. The camp is also linked to Hillarys Beach by a path via an underpass.

For more ideas for things to see and do in and around Ern Halliday, call our camp to speak to one of our staff on 08 9492 9788.

Can we have a camp-fire?

Camp fires can be an enjoyable way of bringing your group together at the end of a day. However, they have particular risks which restrict how and when they are allowed to be lit at the camp. Camp fires may be used at Ern Halliday under the following conditions:

  • Camp-fires permitted in designated fire-pits.
  • No fires during Department of Fire and Emergency Services announced total fire bans, or when fire danger rating for the day is very high or above.
  • No fires between 1 November and 31 March (may be extended).
  • Fire no higher or wider than 1m x 1m.
  • Only between 6pm and 11pm.
  • Responsible person in attendance at all times.
  • Running water with hose readily available.
  • Weather conditions and fire warnings checked by client that day.
  • Check with camp staff on the day for any changes in site-related restrictions and to request running water supply (hose).

Can we book the indoor stadium?

The indoor stadium is a wonderful hub of activity for all of our guests. We try to allow all of our guests to use this facility, and as such, there are some restrictions on booking the stadium which is intended to allow this multiple group access. 

Accommodation groups can make a request for a two hour block per day. This request can be made directly to staff at the camp. Bookings of the stadium can only be made within one month prior to your intended stay. Recreation programs booked and run by Ern Halliday camp have priority over these stadium requests.

Ern Halliday staff will do their best to allow your group to have your preferred two hour block per day, but no request for stadium use should be considered as a formal booking. Exclusive access to the stadium is allowed with prior arrangement with camp management and will incur a fee. 

The stadium can be formally booked by third party groups who intend and are qualified to use the adventure recreation equipment for training or delivery of adventure sports. Strict conditions must be met by such groups and these bookings are subject to a hire charge. For more information speak with the camp manger on 08 9492 9788.

Can we use the new Leaders Accommodation if we aren't booked into the Commodore Dormitories?

The Leaders Accommodation block will always be provided as first preference to groups choosing to use the Commodore Dormitories. Groups at other locations (or a separate booking altogether) who wish to book the Leaders Accommodation may make a request for the Leaders Accommodation at the time of booking. The camps bookings office will then seek confirmation from the existing Commodore group who have booked at that time to check that they do not require the Leaders Accommodation. Once this occurs, the Leaders Accommodation will be available for the group who makes the request. If there is no Commodore booking for the dates in question, the Leaders Accommodation is unlikely to be released for other groups to book until a month before, in case of last minute bookings for the Commodore Dormitories and Leaders Accommodation.

In any case, users of the Leaders Accommodation who are separate to the users of the Commodore Area, must respect the security and privacy of the these guests. 

There are no kitchen or dining facilities in the Leaders Accommodation and guests must use the catering arrangements of their main accommodation area, or if they are a stand–alone booking, must go off-site for their meals (e.g. Hillarys Boat Harbour and Marina).

Can we have a one night accommodation booking?

Normally we don't allow one night bookings at our camp. Our Windmill tent area is the exception, where we allow one night bookings at any time. 

This policy allow schools or community groups who aren't able to afford more expensive camp style accommodation to access the facilities at an affordable rate. As such, we put a two night minimum stay restriction, except long weekends and public holidays minimum three night stay, on our client groups. This is so a one night booking doesn't block out a half-week or full-week for a school or community group who would like to stay for this longer period of time. Ern Halliday is a heavily-booked facility and we have had to turn away many groups due to existing bookings. 

However, Ern Halliday has put some allowances into place to allow one night bookings in certain circumstances. These bookings must meet certain conditions:

  • Must fill a one night gap between existing bookings
  • Can only be booked within two months of intended stay
  • Only consider one night bookings at our Spinnaker Area or Port and Starboard area
  • Must have written manager approval.

For more information on one night bookings, contact us on 08 9492 9999.

Can we use the Gumbooya Scout camping area?

The Gumbooya Scout area lies in the centre of the camp opposite the Cardinal Meeting Hall. Although part of the Ern Halliday facility, responsibility for the area lies with Scouts WA. Most Scout or Guide groups can use this area subject to availability, by contacting Scouts WA

Internal users of Ern Halliday camp may informally access and visit the area during their stay if it's unattended, but are unable to book the area as part of their regular booking of the camp. Internal users should also note that these external Scout or Guide groups may be using this area at various times.

Can we book the entire site for exclusive access to all facilities?

Large groups can book the entire camp facilities at the applicable rates. Minimum charges exist for the Commodore Dormitories, Leaders Accommodation, Port and Starboard Dormitories, Spinnaker Area, Windmill Tent Area and the Cardinal Meeting Hall. If all of these venues are booked at the applicable rates, this is deemed to be a full-site booking. If one or more of these areas is not booked, we will leave those areas available for other groups to book. 

Please note however that Ern Halliday is used by other groups for different reasons. If you have a full-site booking, there will not be any overnight bookings of the Gumbooya Scout Area, but a Scout Group may use the area for a short time in the evening. There is an onsite staff member who lives in a house inside the camp. 

The regular policy relating to stadium bookings still applies, as Ern Halliday may conduct recreation programs at the stadium during your stay. Other day-groups may also be on-site for other camp-run recreation programs including the adventure tower or internal orienteering course. Please note that these groups are under full supervision of qualified instructors employed by DSR.

What happens if we have to cancel our booking?

The staff at the Ern Halliday Recreation Camp can take care of all enquiries that you may have apart from the booking of accommodation, transfer of dates or cancellations. These tasks are taken care of by the camps bookings office at Leederville and they can be contacted on 08 9492 9999 during office hours.

Penalties apply for cancellations depending on the length of warning that you provide. Understandably late cancellations are seldom ever rebooked and the camp is severely penalised financially when this occurs. The Ern Halliday Camp staff appreciates that many community organisations will find that participants are not forthcoming and the camp may not be viable to run.