Can we come for a picnic, party or day excursion?

Yes. The Billabong Day Area can be booked directly through the camp on 08 9492 9781. If you are interested in our adventure programs please advise the camp staff at the time of booking.

Can our group check-in before 2pm?

Check-in time for accommodation groups is 2pm. Groups can arrange an early arrival time by contacting the camp on 08 9492 9781. Groups arriving earlier need to be flexible and may not have access to all facilities prior to 2pm.

Can our group stay later than our 10am check-out time?

Check-out time is 10am. Groups can arrange a late departure by contacting the camp on 08 9492 9781. Groups departing later need to be flexible and may not have access to all facilities.

Can we hire audiovisual or meeting equipment?

The Kookaburra meeting room has an electronic whiteboard, DVD player and wall mounted flat screen TV with USB input. The camp does not have a data projector, laptops or other media sound equipment for use or hire. Groups wishing to bring equipment onsite must consult camp staff prior to their arrival. Arrangements may be required to plan for appropriate power access

The camp has multiple accommodation areas on-site including a Manager’s residence. Guests need to consider this when conducting events (e.g. sound volume, finish times).

Bickley Camp is primarily an adventure recreation camp and does not cater for groups requiring conference-style facilities. Point Walter Recreation and Conference Centre is suitable to conduct conferences, weddings and large scale events.

Can we use Bickley Camp for a birthday party, wedding, etc?

Bickley Camp is primarily an adventure recreation camp and does not cater for groups requiring conference-style facilities. Point Walter Recreation and Conference Centre is suitable to conduct conferences, weddings and large scale events.

Can we drink alcohol at Bickley Camp?

All groups wishing to consume alcohol during their stay must abide by the DSR Camps Alcohol Policy. The group leader must lodge a written request to the Camp Manager prior to their stay, stating how they intend to meet the conditions stipulated in the Alcohol Policy

Is smoking permitted at Bickley Camp?

Smoking is not permitted at Bickley Camp as it is a government facility and the main users of the site are children.

How do we book accommodation or facilities?

Accommodation and facilities for all of our camps are booked through our Bookings Office 08 9492 9999 or email the Camps Booking Office. Day use areas are booked directly through the camp. The bookings office checks the availability of areas at the DSR camps and provides assistance with regards to accommodation, costs, deposits and refunds.

How do we make a booking for recreation programs?

The majority of our programs are conducted over a 90 minute period and limited to 16 participants per session. When booking, speak to one of our staff who are highly skilled in designing a schedule of activities for your group, for any budget, time frame or group size. Please call the camp directly and speak to one of our staff on 08 9492 9781.

Are there any free recreational activities at Bickley Camp?

There are a number of activities that are free of charge in the Bickley Valley area. There are numerous walking and mountain biking opportunities adjacent to the camp. The camp has a basketball court area that is available for free play, however please check the availability with our staff. The camp has a very limited supply of sporting equipment – groups are advised to bring their own sporting equipment if they wish.

Can we have a camp-fire?

Camp-fires are an enjoyable way of bringing your group together by sharing a song or story, especially in the evenings. They are also a great way to practise some camp-fire cooking.

Camp-fires do pose some risks and need to be managed appropriately. Camp-fires may be used at Bickley Camp under the following conditions:

  • Camp-fires are only permitted in designated fire pits.
  • No fires are to be lit during Department of Fire and Emergency Services announced total fire ban periods, or when the fire danger rating is very high, severe, extreme or catastrophic on the day of the planned camp-fire. Please call 1192 to check rating.
  • Fire bans generally apply between 1 December and 31 March each year.
  • The camp-fire is to be no larger than 1m wide, 1m long and 1m high.
  • A responsible group leader is required to be in attendance at all times.

Please check with the camp staff on the day for any site-related restrictions.

Can we use a picnic area if we are only at Bickley Camp to participate in some of your recreation programs?

Groups wishing to have lunch within the Bickley Camp grounds will need to book an area if they haven’t already booked an accommodation area. The camp and bookings staff will determine your requirements based on your group size and arrival and departure times.

Groups coming to Bickley Camp for a program that does not require an area as a base (i.e. do not require showers or a lunch area) may not need to hire a day area. Day groups that require BBQ and/or shower facilities will need to book the Billabong Day Area (minimum charges will apply).

Please discuss your group’s needs when you book your day program directly with the camp on 08 9492 9781.

Can we have a one night accommodation booking?

We do not allow a one night booking for our Kookaburra dormitories. We do allow one night bookings for the Billabong Tent Area. This policy is in place to allow groups that are not able to afford dormitory-style accommodation to access alternative facilities at a cheaper rate (groups to supply their own tents).

On occasion a one night booking for the Kookaburra dormitories may be allowed. These booking are approved by the Business Manager of Camps and need to meet the following conditions:

  • Use a one night booking space created by existing bookings.
  • Use a space unlikely to be booked (i.e. desired booking available space within 30 days) and currently not booked.

For information on one night bookings, contact the Camp Manager on 08 9492 9782.

What happens if we cancel our booking?

The staff at Bickley Camp take care of all enquiries other than booking of accommodation, transfer of dates or cancellations. These tasks are coordinated by the bookings office, phone 08 9492 9999 during normal business hours. Penalties may apply for cancellations depending on the length of notice provided.