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Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp is ideal for an outdoor experience in a picturesque bush setting.

Located on the Darling Scarp alongside the picturesque Bickley Reservoir, 25km from Perth, Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp offers dormitory accommodation for up to 70 people, tent camping for 40 people and a day use area for up to 100 people.

Our facilities, equipment and programs are ideal for school, corporate, sporting, church, youth, family and community groups wishing to experience a variety of recreational and educational opportunities.

Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp is ideal for field studies, music camps, retreats, leadership and professional development camps. 

The experience

Bickley's unique bush location provides an ideal escape from the city and provides the opportunity to experience the bush without travelling too far. A wide variety of adventure and leisure activities are available to create your unique experience.

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Bickley aerial view

The location

Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp is located on Hardinge Road, Orange Grove east of Tonkin Highway in the South East Metropolitan Region of Perth, Western Australia. It's accessible by road.


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Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp offers both dormitory accommodation and a camping area in a natural bush setting.

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Kookaburra Dorms - External and lawn (3)


Accolade catering provides catering services at Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp.

Self-catering is available to guests staying in the Kookaburra dormitories.

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Recreation programs 

The natural bush setting means you can choose from a diverse range of outdoor activities.

    Our professionally trained staff can design and organise the right recreational experiences for your camp, function or professional development day.

    Raft Making - paddling


    The camp has a number of facilities to enhance your experience including a dining hall and meeting room.

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    Meeting Room -1

    Camp staff

    Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp is administered through the department. The camp management team consists of:

    Aaron Bertram
    Manager, Bickley
    Telephone 08 9492 9782
    Email Aaron Bertram

    David Hall
    Assistant Manager
    Telephone 08 9492 9781
    Email David Hall

    Bernadette Suriani
    Senior Program Coordinator
    Telephone 08 9492 9783
    Email Bernadette Suriani

    There is a dedicated team of highly-qualified outdoor instructors who deliver and facilitate our adventure programs, together with a facilities and cleaning team who maintain the camp.

    DSR Staff 1

    Management and insurance

    Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp, under the management of the department, provide public liability insurance within the framework of its accommodation and programs.

    Swimming in Bickley Reservoir

    Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp management strongly recommend that all groups intending on swimming in Bickley Reservoir book qualified life savers through the camp for water safety. All groups should check with their governing bodies to make sure that their water safety is in accordance with official procedures. Swimming is not available all year round. Please contact the camp for further information.


    Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp can cater for most user groups. The dining room, meeting room and dormitories can be accessed by people in wheelchairs. The dormitories have designated wheelchair accessible ablutions.

    The camp is located in a valley. This can make it difficult for all user groups to access all parts of the camp environment. Camp management highly recommends that interested client leaders arrange a site tour to discuss the needs of the group and to determine suitability.

    Some programs can be modified to include all participants. Please discuss options with the camp directly.

    Department of Education guidelines

    Most adventure recreation programs at Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp meet or exceed the Department of Education’s (DoE) Guidelines for Outdoor Education and Recreation Activities. In consideration of specific environments at the site, variations from the department’s guidelines exist to increase safety.

    More information

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