Recreation Camps

The department provides five fantastic recreational camps around greater Perth and in Albany.

Group bookings

For school, community and corporate group enquiries let us help create your unique adventure.

Camp booking dates availability

Bickley, Ern Halliday, Camp Quaranup and Woodman Point all have a 13 month in advance booking period (from the first day of the month). For example bookings for November 2019 are now open from the 1st of October, 2018.

Point Walter has a 2 year in advance booking period also from the first day of the month.

What's new

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Our camps

Our four metropolitan camps each offer unique recreation and accommodation. From the tranquil bush of Bickley, a river retreat at Point Walter to our coastal camps at Woodman Point and Ern Halliday, you'll discover the perfect location for your school, community or corporate group.

Our regional camp, Camp Quaranup, offers many opportunities to explore Albany and the Great Southern. Situated on the harbour, this historic location is a popular regional destination.

Explore each of our camps facilities and programs by clicking on the image below.

A girl holding up a GPS while geocaching. Click for the Recreation Camps photo gallery
Raft building at Woodman Point


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