Building projects

Facility development is an essential aspect of the Department’s business. We are involved in many major projects to enhance the sport and recreation industry and bring benefits to communities.

Delivering State infrastructure

Increased rationalisation of resources and the need to plan strategically for the future resulted in the development of the State Sporting Facilities Plan (SSFP).

High quality, well planned and sustainable facilities encourage physical activity, support high performance, provide community benefit and can attract national/international events that have a positive social and economic impact on the State.

Current State projects

Project managers

The Department manages, to varying degrees, the development of all sport and recreation facilities in the State.

Whether it’s a state-of-the-art gymnasium or a walking trail, the Department is involved in the planning, funding and project management of many projects. The groundwork occurs through the State Sporting Facilities Plan.

The Department has undertaken a series of major projects in Perth in recent years. These projects include:

Other projects include upgrades to the State Softball Centre, the State Equestrian Centre, the Whiteman Park Shooting Complex and the State Gymnastics Centre.

Community benefits

Of all the partnerships the Department has, perhaps none is as important as the relationship with local government, which is where the services and programs we help provide are delivered.

Without good sporting and recreation facilities, people won't be encouraged to lead more active lives. The better the facility, the more people will be encouraged to pursue a healthier lifestyle.The flow-on community benefits are immeasurable.