State Sporting Facilities Plan

Increased rationalisation of resources and the need to plan strategically for the future resulted in the development of the State Sporting Facilities Plan (SSFP).

High quality, well planned and sustainable facilities encourage physical activity, support high performance, provide community benefit and can attract national/international events that have a positive social and economic impact on the State.

The government's role is to ensure that the investment in sporting infrastructure maximises benefits in these areas for the sports industry and the community.

State Sporting Facilities Plan Framework 2013

A framework for the provision of state, national and international level infrastructure in WA.

Read the State Sporting Facilities Plan Framework.

State Sporting Facilities Plan Projects Update 2014

The Projects Report is a current snapshot of industry facility needs and outlines major sporting infrastructure projects being developed.

Read the State Sporting Facilities Plan Projects Update.

State-level sporting facilities

The SSFP applies to state-level sporting facilities, and includes:

  • Compliance criteria and planning process for proponents of major sporting infrastructure
  • An overview of existing Western Australian facilities and perceived gaps in facility provision
  • schedule of proposed new facilities
  • Schedule of proposed short-term refurbishments for existing facilities.

For the purpose of the SSFP, a State-level facility is defined as a Western Australian facility that meets a national/international standard required to host sporting competition,training and events.

The SSFP was prepared by the Department of Sport and Recreation with extensive consultation from industry stakeholders — State Sporting Associations, metropolitan-based local governments, other government departments and peak industry bodies.

Due to the changing nature of partnership opportunities, industry trends and project developments the SSFP has two components:

  • The framework
  • The projects report.

Future management and direction

The Western Australian Government is committed to ensuring that the criteria and planning processes outlined in the SSFP are implemented,managed and evaluated, now and into the future. 

The SSFP provides a platform for future provision of state-level sporting facilities, from which the government's mandate is to:

  • Consult annually with industry stakeholders to determine facility needs
  • Progress identified projects through planning and feasibility consistent with the SSFP
  • Update budget requests annually based on new and refurbishment projects that adhere to the SSFP
  • Provide guidance and assistance to emerging State-level facility projects
  • Instigate procurement for State-funded projects to achieve effective application of the State's investment
  • Review appropriate governance and management models.