Football Facilities (Soccer) Facility Review and Development

The provision of the necessary supporting infrastructure to all football (soccer) clubs within Western Australia, no matter in what level of competition they are currently participating, is a priority for Football West. Similarly, the Department and local governments, which receive a large number of funding requests each year from football clubs to improve current infrastructure, have a role in determining funding priorities.

This document is designed to assist by providing facility classification guidelines from which to assess the merits of individual club requests for infrastructure funding. This will enable both the DSR and local governments’ access to the relevant criteria when they have to decide whether or not, and to what level, they support a club application for Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Funds (CSRFF).

One of the aims of the study, undertaken by Syme Marmion & Co for Football West and the Department, was to develop a classification system within a football hierarchy based on the sustainability of individual clubs that will serve as a basis to plan for future infrastructure provision and upgrades. This would ensure those clubs which currently have facilities below the new classification system are given priority for upgrade expenditure over clubs which already meet the standards.

The development of this football club hierarchical classification will be linked to current demographic profiles for each football zone from which the development of a strategic plan for the provision of future club facilities for five years and 10 years hence can be based.

The overall study is divided into three stages, with Stages 1 and 2 preceding this Stage 3 report:

  • Stage 1 –  Policy Report
  • Stage 2 – Needs Assessment Report
  • Stage 3 – Facility Review and Development.

This report, the Facility Review and Development Report Report, is the third report in the study and covers the following areas of enquiry and determination:

  • Development of a facility classification hierarchy for clubs
  • Implication of classification hierarchy to existing clubs
  • Identification of future facility requirements.

These topics are covered in the following sections of the report. This report has been prepared based on the information obtained from questionnaires returned by football clubs, local governments and school principals. The facility classification hierarchy, which has been developed and detailed in this report, was based on the existing Football West Regulations 2007 document.

Consultation was also conducted through workshops held with local government and zone/competition level representatives.