Facility Review and Development Plan

The Facility Review and Development Plan identifies and develops a number of important concepts, classifications, barriers and solutions for implementing the Strategic Facilities Plan. Some of the concepts include a hierarchy of facilities for WA, ‘sustainable’ club models and standards for facilities which can host high level competitions. A classification model has been prepared for both the Metropolitan and Country areas based on the hierarchy of facilities. There will be a number of barriers in trying to implement the Strategic Facilities Plan including the education of clubs in sustainable practices, gaining support for a hierarchy of facilities and significantly increasing the number of participants and spectators of bowls in WA.

The number of capitated players has reduced in WA in the last few decades while at the same time increasing its overall participation rate in WA. This is a result of the change in competition types and the increasing social participation of bowls in community (corporate) bowls competitions. These noncapitated bowlers are not well recorded with the majority not registered with Bowls WA. There is enormous potential to increase all participation types, increase the financial viability of all clubs and promote a bowls as high level competition sport with increased spectator attendance.