Aquatic Sports Strategic Facilities Plan

Project overview and scope

Aquatic sporting clubs are currently facing a number of issues relating to the provision, distribution and access to aquatic facilities through the Perth and Peel metropolitan areas. To address this concern, the Department of Sport and Recreation, in conjunction with Swimming WA, Masters Swimming WA, Water Polo WA, and WA Diving Association (WA Diving), as well as number of Local Government representatives and other key stakeholders participated in a study to address the needs of aquatic sports. This research culminated in the Aquatic Sports Strategic Facilities Plan (the Strategic Facilities Plan).

The associations recognise the efforts and issues facing State and local governments in the provision of sustainable and appropriate facilities for these sports and for the wider community. The Strategic Facilities Plan therefore is designed to provide a set of pathways, principles and actions to support the associations in improving their current situation and to provide information to assist the associations, clubs and their members in better understanding, planning and meeting their facility needs. Specifically, it aims to:

  • Provide an overview of current facilities within the Perth and Peel metropolitan areas, assessing the need for aquatic facilities.
  • Identify issues relating to the provision of aquatic sports infrastructure. 
  • Review current competition requirements and make a determination as to the implications for future facilities and competitions.
  • Promote the provision of sustainable and appropriate facilities to support the growth of aquatic sports and clubs.
  • Develop strategies for the provision of new facilities, expansion of existing facilities and improving access for clubs to existing facilities.

The Strategic Facilities Plan will provide a framework to assist clubs, associations, local government authorities and the State Government to guide the appropriate planning and development of aquatic facilities. It will also guide the associations and their clubs towards sustainable models that are reflective of their philosophies and objectives.

The Strategic Facilities Plan comprises the following scope:

  • Facility review: Overview of current facilities within the Perth and Peel Metropolitan areas identifying gaps, duplications and opportunities.
  • Facility classification: Development of a facility classification and hierarchy and of sustainable models for associations, clubs and aquatics facilities.
  • Scoping assessment: Identification of the association’s philosophies and expectations, participation and club information and the relationships and interaction with relevant stakeholders.
  • Needs assessment: Identification of current needs and future requirements with regards to the provision of aquatic facilities, assessment of current association challenges and future threats.
  • Strategic implementation strategies: Develop policies and implementation strategies to assist with the development and provision of sustainable and appropriate facilities. The policies and strategies are designed to assist facility planners, facility managers, sporting associations and clubs to work together in increasing aquatic sporting participation. 

Project methodology

The project comprised of an ongoing consultative process. A project reference group was set up to review the project progress and findings. The group was formed with representatives from each state sporting association, the Department of Sport and Recreation and the project consultants.

The consultation methodology included meetings and workshops conducted with members of sporting clubs, coaches, officials and industry stakeholders during 2010. This included two sets of workshops conducted during the Needs Assessment stage. The first workshop focused on assessing the specific needs of each association, clubs and their members. The second set of workshops was conducted with representatives from the Department of Sport and Recreation, aquatic facility planners and managers from local and state government and industry stakeholders. A detailed project methodology is provided in Appendix A of this report.

Further information was gathered from the associations and clubs through club surveys and position papers with feedback summarised in Appendix B and C. During the facility review site visits to a number of aquatic facilities were conducted to identify current components, operations and programs. The Strategic Facilities Plan was provided to all Perth and Peel metropolitan local governments for review and comment. Details of the findings from these visits are provided in Appendix E of the report.

Facility visits

The project included a number of visits to aquatic facilities across the Perth metropolitan area in order to meet with facility managers and facility planners. The visits were used to gain a better understanding of the operations of aquatic facilities and to identify the specific components of facilities currently used by aquatic clubs for training and/or competition purposes. A summary of visit findings is attached in Appendix E of the report.


Aquatic Sports Strategic Facilities Plan

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