Planning for the future

It’s no accident WA has some of the best sport and recreation facilities in the country – it's the result of careful planning. 

Everything the Department does is focused on the future. This means ensuing Western Australians have the opportunity to access to the best possible facilities in order to live better lives though being physically active.

Because we want the best outcomes for WA, our planning process is meticulous. This means we consult widely with a range of people and organisations, including all levels of government, national, state and regional organisations, clubs, officials, coaches and sports people.

Department's strategic plan

The Department's strategic plan is underpinned by the Department of Sport and Recreation Strategic 2016-2018 which includes how we achieve strategic goals and operations developed around the sport and recreation industry.

Industry strategic plan

SD6 Strategic Directions for the Western Australian Sport and Recreation Industry 2016-2020  is the five-year strategic plan to help deliver successful outcomes for sport and recreation in WA.

Other strategic plans

Other sectors within the industry have specific strategic plans and strategies to address unique issues and opportunities including:

Disability access and Inclusion Plan 

The plan ensures improved access and inclusion to quality services and facilities, access to information and how we consult and to respond to complaints relative to disability, access and inclusion.

More information on the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.

Active Series

Aimed at the sport and recreation industry, Active Series forums are an opportunity to examine and address contemporary and strategic issues. We aim to bring people together to explore ideas and recognise best practice to strengthen relationships, networks and the integrity of our industry.

Covering a variety of strategic topics, the Active Series aims to:

  • Foster greater quality of interaction and idea sharing to strengthen sport and recreation in WA.
  • Identify and recognise best practise in the industry.
  • Bring focus on priority strategic issues within the industry.