Building safer communities

Sport and recreation has been described as the glue that binds society. Research shows the closer community members are, the safer they feel.

Making our communities safer

Sport and recreation are great ways to involve people in community activities (social inclusion) and at providing support for at-risk members of our society. They provide a level playing field, helping bridge gaps in our society. When we invest in in these programs, we are investing in developing what is called social capital.

Participation in physical activity provides positive alternatives by creating opportunities to learn new skills, develop confidence, enhance self-esteem and, importantly, reduce boredom and apathy, both of which can trigger at-risk behaviours.

While sport and recreation are not a panacea for society's issues, with quality delivery and an appropriate level of support they can significantly assist in enhancing social cohesion and making communities safer.

Sport and recreation builds stronger, healthier, happier and safer communities.

Youth Engagement Scheme

The Youth Engagement Scheme enables organisations to target ‘at risk’ youth by assisting them to connect with their communities through a range of sport and active recreation activities. These activities are required to be provided in safe environments with mentors and leaders experienced in engaging disconnected youth. Programs are required to increase participation in physical activity and offer volunteer and leadership opportunities to increase capability, build resilience and sustainability.

More information on the Youth Engagement Scheme.

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