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Working with Children Legislation

The Department supports initiatives that aim to minimise the risk of children being harmed within the sport and recreation industry.

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Keeping children safe is a whole of community responsibility. Legislation has been developed to work alongside other child safeguarding strategies to better protect children in Western Australia. The Working with Children Check (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004 aims to increase the safety of children in our community by helping to prevent people who have a criminal history that indicates they may harm children, from gaining positions of trust with children in certain paid and unpaid employment and voluntary work.

Working with Children (WWC) Checks are required by law for certain people who are in 'child-related' work. Both employers and volunteer organisations, and individuals have responsibilities to comply with the legislation and keep children safe in their organisations. The WWC Check cannot however be solely relied upon to protect children from people who may harm them. It is just one strategy employers and volunteer organisations must put in place to ensure that people who work with children are suitable to do so.

Working with Children Checks

Information for the sport and recreation industry.

Who needs a WWC Check

Information on determining who needs a WWC Check is available from the WWC Check website.

A number of fact sheets are available from the WWC website. Examples include:

  • Application Process for Interstate Employees, Volunteers and Students Information for people who live interstate - fact sheet 12
  • Child-Related Work and Exemptions - fact sheet 5
  • Information for Employers and Volunteer Organisations - fact sheet 3
  • Information for the Sport and Recreation Sector - fact sheet 11

WWC Check record keeping example

Record keeping example

A record keeping example is available to download from the WWC Check website.

How do I apply for a check?

How to apply

Information about applying for a Working with Children check.

Are you living in regional or remote Western Australia?

If you live in a regional or remote area and you are unable to access a post office please contact the WWC Screening Unit:
08 6217 8100 
1800 883 979

An example of a WWC Check card

Example of a Working with Children Card

Who is exempt?

There are a number of people who do not require a WWC Check because they are exempt.  If a person is exempt they must not apply for a WWC Check.

The following are some of the most common exemptions:

  • Volunteers and students on unpaid placement under 18 years of age.
  • Employers of children and people who work alongside children as fellow employees, unless otherwise doing child-related work.
  • Short-term visitors to Western Australia carrying out child-related work during the period of two weeks after their arrival in WA, and for no more than two weeks in any period of 12 months.
  • Parents volunteering in many activities where their child is also involved may be exempt (this exemption does not apply in all categories of child-related work or when parents volunteer at overnight camps attended by their children).

For more information about exemptions please refer to Factsheet 5: Child-Related Work and Exemptions.

For those who are exempt from the WWC legislation, clubs and associations have the option to introduce polices that request employees or volunteers to obtain a National Police Certificate or National Police Check for Volunteers.

Creating Safe Sport and Recreation Environments

Safe Clubs 4 Kids

The WWC Check is just one element of child safety.  There are many other things organisations with children can do to make sure their environment is safer for children.

Safe Clubs 4 Kids is an education program that supports organisations and clubs to create safe environments for children.  By undertaking a few simple steps, you will be able to take a proactive approach in protecting children and young people in your club or organisation.

More information about Safe Clubs 4 Kids.

Useful links

Child Protection in Sport - Australian Sports Commission

Child Protection and Sport National Overview - Produced by the Australian Sports Commission - April 2006.

Play by the Rules website

Information about how to create fair, safe and inclusive environments

Safe Clubs 4 Kids

Brochure and poster

Working with Children website

Comprehensive information about the Working with Children legislation.

Contact details for Working with Children Legislation

Vinje House
Project Manager
WA Sports Federation
Telephone (08) 9492 9736 or (08) 9387 8100
Email Vinje

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