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Extra facilities at Woodman Point

It's the "extras" that make a camp at Woodman Point special. These include a meeting hall and day area.

Dining Hall 1

Built in approximately 1911 the main dining hall is most recognisable for its upside down ship appearance. With builders not available, it was constructed by shipwrights in the early 1900s as there was a waterside workers strike and more than 120 sailing ships were stranded in Gage Roads at Fremantle as the strike unfolded. The shipwrights were excellent tradesmen and readily found building jobs on land. Complete with jarrah floors, this dining area will serve all group needs.

Catered through the main servery, dining hall 1 also contains a fridge for the group to use and comfortably seats up to 200 people.

Dining Hall 2

Dining hall 2 is an extension of Dining Hall 1 and can cater up to 60 people. Catered through the main servery, dining hall 2 also contains a fridge for the group to use, as well as an urn and can be set up with bain-marie and a toaster during meals.

Dining Hall 3

Sitting adjacent to dining hall 1, dining hall 3 can cater up to 60 people. Catered through its own individual servery, dining Hall 3 also contains a fridge for the group to use.

Recreation Hall

The recreation hall is available to all groups in three timeslots, morning, afternoon and night.  Able to accommodate up to 100 people and provides groups with an area, suitable for indoor recreation, conferences, music camps and movie viewing.

Groups also have the option to hire our audiovisual equipment for a fee. This system includes the ‘set-up of a digital data projector (laptop-ready), projector screen, DVD, VCR, sound amplifier and speakers.

Acacia day area

Any guests at the camp can book the Acacia day area. This facility has ablution facilities as well as change-rooms for both males and females and includes a disabled change-room facility, a meeting area and two BBQs. Directly next to the beach access and basketball/tennis court, this facility is excellent for day group clients looking to have a common area in-between programs or meetings and workshops. The area hugs the bushland buffering the camp and the ocean providing peace and quiet.

In general, use of the Acacia day area for accommodation groups is not guaranteed, with access usually given to the groups only using the camp and facilities for the day. 

The meeting area can also include the use of the camps AV Equipment hire. This includes a screen, whiteboard, data projector and DVD player. This equipment is only available on request through the camp.

To book the Acacia day area phone 9492 9797.

Woodman Point camp office

Our staff are based in the office, in the centre of the camp, located at the ‘roundabout' near the Recreation Oval. All visitors should register at the office on arrival. Group leaders can collect their keys from this office. Emergency contact numbers and a site map are posted alongside the front door.

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