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Woodman Point Recreation Camp

Woodman Point has its own pristine beach and is just 8km south of Fremantle.

Fishing at sunset at Woodman PointWoodman Point is a 6.5 hectare coastal site, with direct beach access, surrounded by the 250 hectare Woodman Point Regional Park.

Once within the camp the hustle and bustle of city life is forgotten, with only the sounds of the bush and the coastal habitat in the background.

The site has significant historical and cultural importance. Recently the circa-1900 camp buildings were renovated, taking into consideration the buildings' heritage values. In addition to the original buildings, a modern, multi-purpose adventure training facility known as "The Cube" was constructed.

The Woodman Point Recreation Camp is popular with a wide variety of groups. Its proximity to Fremantle, competitive pricing, idyllic beach location and the range of adventure programs in "The Cube" ensure that Woodman Point is unique in many ways. The staff pride themselves on client-focussed service and are intent on providing high-level, cost-effective recreation programs to a wide range of groups, including special needs organisations.

Your stay at Woodman Point


The CubeWoodman Point Recreation Camp first opened in 1979 when the then government purchased the site from the Commonwealth Quarantine Service for use as a recreation camp.

The State Government operated the camp with minimal staff until early 2004, when the Department of Sport and Recreation realised that the camping environment presented opportunities to address the fitness and health of all Western Australians. To this end, a new management regime of full-time professional staff was appointed and a large range of recreational programs were introduced. In 2006 a large renovation program began. This included fire protection systems to all buildings on site, new sewerage, re-wiring of all buildings, a new underground electrical supply and all buildings were re-clad.

Perhaps the most significant part of the development was the construction of "The Cube", a multi-activity climbing, abseiling and high rope ‘gymnasium'. This facility can accommodate up to 60 inside and 40 outside at any one time and is proving popular.


Woodman Point entranceThe site was originally used for "quarantine purposes", with the first buildings constructed in 1886 and others added in 1901 (jetty and tram line) to handle the fumigation process required by quarantine. In 1903 the Quarantine Station was expanded to 50 hectares and became a reserve for explosives and to develop a horse-racing facility.

The site accommodated people suffering from various diseases and was also used to quarantine thousands of troops returning from World War One.

By the end of 1957 there were five cottages for staff, who were required to live on site and were also "quarantined". The station was off limits to the public, with families living on site (apparently) having a great time.

The Commonwealth Government officially closed the station in 1979 and it was transferred to the Department of Administrative Services, with the Detention Centre being used by the Department of Immigration. Shortly after the camp was set up as a recreation camp for schools, families and local organisations and managed by the then, Community Recreation Council (now Department of Sport and Recreation). 

Camp staff

The Woodman Point Recreation Camp is administered through the Department of Sport and Recreation. The Camp Management team consists of:

Woodman Point staff

Matt Hayes

Kym Lawrence
Operations Manager

David Mulcahy
Senior Program Coordinator

Kylie Howe
Program Coordinator

Andy Percy
Program Coordinator

Matt Grace
Accommodation Officer

In addition the camp employ a dedicated team of highly-qualified outdoor instructors who deliver and facilitate our adventure programs, together with a facilities and cleaning team who maintain and upkeep our newly-refurbished camp. 

Your adventure recreation playground

This coastal recreation camp is located in the southern suburbs just south of Fremantle on Jervoise Bay. The complex has four large dormitory accommodation areas, as well as a day picnic area. One of the camp's attractions is the large variety of adventure programs. Surrounded by 250 hectares of natural bush, this camp really is your adventure playground.

The experience

The CubeThe Woodman Point Recreation Camp is a special place where Western Australians of all ages can share in unique activities in an isolated coastal environment. Whether it's overcoming your fear of heights on the flying fox, fine tuning your archery skills, taking a leisurely paddle on the calm waters of Cockburn Sound, or just meandering around the Rottnest Island Pine bush areas, the Woodman Point Recreation Camp will surprise and delight you with a rewarding experience.

Department of Education guidelines

Most Adventure Recreation Programs at Woodman Point meet or exceed the Department of Education guidelines for outdoor pursuits. In consideration of specific environments at the site, variations from these guidelines exist to increase safety.

NOTE: Woodman Point management strongly recommends that all groups intending to use the beach arrange for qualified life savers through camp staff for water safety. All groups should check with their governing bodies to make sure that their water safety is in accordance with official procedures.

The location

This coastal recreation camp is located at the end of O'Kane Court, Munster, on Woodman Pt. in Cockburn Sound, just eight kilometres South of Fremantle - a 35-minute drive from the centre of Perth and a 45-minute drive from the domestic airport. 

How to get to Woodman Point Recreation Camp

Woodman Point Recreation Camp is located south of Fremantle in the south metropolitan region of Perth, Western Australia. It is accessible by car and bus along Cockburn Road.   

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Contact information

Woodman Point Recreation Camp

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Administration and Bookings

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