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Woodman Point Camp Client Information Pack

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Woodman Point Camp Client Information Pack

The experience

The Woodman Point Recreation Camp is more than a physical site available for group bookings. It is a special place where Western Australians of all ages can participate in unique activities in an isolated living environment. Whether it is the conquest of the first abseil, the team success at crossing the ‘acid river’ or the wonderful feeling of sharing a campfire with new friends, your camp at Woodman Point will be a rewarding experience.

Purpose of this guide

Recreation camping in Western Australia continues to be a popular leisure alternative for small to large groups from a range of sectors. The Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) in its current and past forms (including the National Fitness Council; Community Recreation Council; Recreation Camps and Reserves Board; and Ministry for Youth, Sport and Recreation) has provided accommodation-based camping facilities for the public of WA since 1939, when Woodman Point Recreation Camp was opened. The Woodman Point Camp is becoming increasingly popular with a wide variety of groups in WA. Camps are also becoming increasingly risk-managed with staff in charge having moral and legal obligations to fulfil. The purpose of this guide is to assist organisers with the preparation of a high quality, safe and successful visit at Woodman Point Camp.

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