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Western Australian Sports Federation (WASF)

The WA Sports Federation is the independent, peak industry body for sport in Western Australia. It represents over 130 State Sports Associations and related organisations, extending to over 600,000 people.

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Western Australian Sports Federation logoThe pupose of the federation is to advocate for, promote and support the ongoing development of sport for its members and the communities of Western Australia.


  • A sports system that provides maximum opportunities for participation and achievement at the levels desired by the participants.
  • WASF is the lead advocacy body for sport and recreation that is maintained by collaboration with members.

WASF aims

  • Advocate on behalf of member organisations and community-based clubs.
  • Advocate for individual and community wellbeing and the resultant lifestyle benefits for the broader community delivered through sport and recreation.
  • Advocate for the implementation of State Government policies that will enhance the delivery of sport and recreation.
  • Advocate for and assist members in resolving issues affecting the sustainability of sport and recreation.
  • Deliver best practice in governance providing members with an effective and efficient organisational model.
  • Advise members on how to access funding and organisational development opportunities.
  • Facilitate access to services required by sport and recreation bodies for their operation. These include: legal advice; sports insurance; financial advice; governance, management and administration.

Member services

WA Sports Federation members have access to a range of services and support developed specifically for them.

WA Sports Federation serves as an intermediary between members and the service provider. This enables the service to be tailored to the needs of the organisation and often at a reduced cost.

WA Sports Federation provides access to the following services as they relate to sport and recreation:

  1. Legal assistance through Gibson & Gibson Lawyers
  2. Accounting and finance through KPMG
  3. Insurance through OAMPS
  4. Advice on industrial relations matters
  5. Advice on sports governance, management and administration
  6. Provision of Sports Lotteries House

The federation provides a forum for the exchange of information regarding the development of sport and active recreation in WA.

The WA Sports Federation assists in promoting news and events for members through media and online sources. Members also benefit from regular information provided to them by the WA Sports Federation, ensuring that they are aware of opportunities as they arise.

Contact the Western Australian Sports Federation (WASF) 

WA Sports Federation

nullMichael Beros
nullRob Thompson
nullChief Executive Officer
nullHelen Cunningham
nullProject Manager
nullAddress: WA Sports Lotteries House, Stephenson Avenue MOUNT CLAREMONT WA 6010
nullPostal address: PO Box 57 MOUNT CLAREMONT WA 6010
nullTelephone: 08 9387 8100
nullFacsimile: 08 9387 8018
nullEmail: info@wasportsfed.asn.au
nullWebsite: www.wasportsfed.asn.au

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