Safety and integrity in sport

Integrity is the basis of sport's reputation for fair and ethical behaviour. The Department acknowledges that industry leadership is essential to retain community confidence that sport in Western Australia is being played in a safe, fair and ethical way.

Integrity in sport affects everyone in organised sport from administrators to coaches, medical staff, players and officials. There are many ethical and moral issues that continue to confront sports and as community standards evolve, we must constantly adapt, respond and, at times, lead the responses to how we address these issues.

Sport is a central part of the Western Australian lifestyle. It delivers community cohesion, pride, economic benefits, leadership, discipline, teamwork, good health and lifelong friendships for individuals and the whole community.

Leading the way

Western Australian community standards and norms continue to evolve and it is the Department's responsibility to lead the way in ensuring that the sport and recreation industry keeps up with these changes in our society.

The Department collaborates with a variety of other organisations including the Western Australian Sports Federation (WASF), Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association (ANZSLA), WA Police (WAPOL) and Sports Medicine WA (SMAWA) to provide support, resources and information to the industry and wider community.

Safety and ethical issues today

Through building relationships and consulting with the community, the Department is able to identify challenges affecting participation in sport and recreation and facilitate the development of ways to overcome these challenges.

The Department's positions on existing and emerging challenges are available to the public and provide a clear indication of how we are addressing each issue within Western Australia. 

Further information is currently available on the following challenges:

Importance of Integrity

It is important to maintain a positive reputation and losing this reputation may affect the funding and support provided to our industry because:

  • Sponsors will only partner with sports if they have a positive image in the public eye.
  • Parents will only allow their children to participate in sport and recreation if it is played in a safe, supportive and fair environment.
  • Governments will only continue to fund sport and recreation while it is recognised by the whole of community as a worthwhile investment that improves connections and participation within society.


The Department works with the industry to maintain the integrity of sport by ensuring sporting culture is one of fairness, safety, ethical behaviour and inclusivity for all. 

Working with the community, State Sporting Associations, National Sporting Organisations and various other stakeholders the Department provides guidance, resources and support to ensure that sport and recreation continues to be held in high regard throughout our communities.

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