Information Centre

The Information Centre provides research services to the sport and recreation community.


The Information centre has access to collections on many subjects related to sport and recreation. 

The Catalogue of Australian Sport Sector Libraries


Current Awareness

The Information centre provides current awareness services which help keep you up-to-date in the sport and recreation field. If you would like further information on these services please contact the Information Centre.


The Information centre is a research-based library with access to the latest research in sport and recreation using databases such as SportDiscus and Medline.

Interlibrary loan

The Information centre does provide document delivery services. Please complete the request form and return the form to the Information Centre by email. If you are not a member of our library, you may borrow items on Interlibrary loan through a library you are a member of. 

Clearinghouse for Sport

Clearinghouse for Sport logoClearinghouse for Sport is an information and knowledge service provided by the Australian Sports Commission. It collects and distributes information for the sport and recreation industry. Clearinghouse for Sport requires you to register and log in to access the information.

Clearinghouse members have access to a range of online services and licensed resources, including:

  • Electronic journals and research databases
  • Digital image files, and DVD and audio recordings
  • Current awareness and alerting services
  • Digitally archived Australian sports publications and reports
  • Research and references services
  • Discussion forums and other online social collaboration tools  


An appointment is necessary to ensure that staff are available to help you.

The Information Centre can be contacted Monday to Wednesday between 8am to 4pm to make an appointment. 

Information Centre

246 Vincent Street, Leederville WA 6007
PO Box 329, Leederville WA 6903
Telephone 08 9492 9870
Facsimile 08 9492 9711
Email the Information Centre

Resource links

Links to specific subjects including Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, and physical activity.