The Anzac Day Act 1960 says organisations hosting sporting events for which people pay to watch must pay 60% of the net proceeds from the event to the Anzac Day Trust.

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Any sporting events held on ANZAC Day fall under the requirements of the ANZAC Day Act 1960. As ANZAC Day is on a Saturday, this may impact clubs around Western Australia and you need to ensure you comply with the act. As a courtesy, we strongly suggest you contact your local RSL (Returned and Services League).

This does not apply to fitness centres, exercise classes, swimming pools etc. Even if the sporting events is not profitable, a return has to be submitted to the Anzac Day Trust. The form is available for download.

The Act also says (and the RSL strongly supports this) that no race, match, game, exercise, pastime, contest or any other event should commence before the hour of 1pm on Anzac Day. 

After 1pm the act allows community or club level sporting events (e.g. junior soccer, hockey or football) to be played, provided people are not asked to pay to watch the match or donations of any kind are sought by the organisers.